Noida: Prateek Laurel, an exemplary show of maintenance and good living
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Noida: Prateek Laurel, an exemplary show of maintenance and good living

One of the best aspects of the society is the emphasis on the health of the residents

Noida: Prateek Laurel, an exemplary show of maintenance and good living

Noida: Prateek Laurel, a highrise residential society in Sector 120, is one of the few societies in Noida where residents have a happy story to tell. Here the residents aren't constantly complaining about the lack of maintenance and basic amenities.

Apart from the AOA of the society, which consists of 10 members, there are several volunteers from the society who have formed many committees to look after several aspects of the society. Such committees include

-Committee to control the stray dogs
-Senior citizens care committee
-Horticulture and Beautification committee
-Cultural Committee
-Health and Fitness committee
-Sports and Gym committee
-Child and Welfare committee
-Animal welfare committee
-Civil and Paint committee
-Child Development committee
-Covid Care committee
-Maintenance committee
-Purchase committee
-Security committee
-Swatch Laurel

One of the best aspects of the society is the emphasis on the health of the residents. The gym of the society is well-equipped for all the fitness enthusiasts. In addition to that, the AOA has launched an open gym in the green area of the society exclusively for the ladies. The president of the AOA of Prateek Laurel, Prabhat Mani Vats, informs us that there is an in-house set-up with a private hospital to cater to the medical requirements of the residents.

Prabhat Vats says, “We want the residents of our society to be fit, thus, we make sure to continuously organise sports events such as IPL-themed cricket matches, football, marathon, and pickleball among others. The best things we did is that we made the kids and youngsters of the society participate in such events. The young sportspeople of our society go out and get the sponsors. This is a cost-effective approach. They manage the logistics and costs.”

The AOA has installed sports equipment in every tower, including indoor games such as carom board, chess, ludo, table tennis to keep residents happy and active.

The health and fitness committee is a very active committee and holds educational and informative sessions for women of all age groups. Every month, a new session is conducted by inviting an expert panel from renowned hospitals.

The greenery of the society is also well-maintained. The AOA informs us that there is an in house nursery in the society, maintained by the residents and Horticulture committee members. A pit has been made, where the residents throw their kitchen's leftover fruits and vegetable peels and compost them. Later, this is used as a fertiliser.

The PL AOA is also in conversation with the Noida Authority to take over the maintenance of the green belt opposite their society. Prabhat Vats says, “We want the Authority to construct a pavement there, we will fence it and will maintain the green belt. We will install lights and the sitting arrangement will be done from our side."

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The members of the Child Welfare Committee teach the kids about good touch and bad touch so that they can identify if something inappropriate happens to them.

Prateek Laurel society also has an in-house welding zone. The is a trained welder who looks after any requirements of welding. Whenever drain covers made of iron break, prompt action is taken, owing to the in house welder and the availability of stock and equipment.

The society has also introduced RNR (reward and recognition) such as best security person of the month, the best employee of maintenance and so on to boost the morale of the society staff.

There are dedicated pink washrooms for the ladies of the societies as well as for the housekeeping staff. There is also an e-rickshaw service in society for the elderly.

The AOA of the society also has the reputation of being prompt to resolve the issues of the society. While the parking in the society wasn't allocated, the AOA affixed the RFID stickers on all the vehicles owned by the society residents. Now, no one needs to manually operate the boom barriers when the vehicle enters.

Pictures credit: CitySpidey

Sidharth, Secretary of Prateek Laurel AOA says, “It is the first-ever society in Noida which has 55 parking for the guest. None of the societies in Noida provides this facility. No builder ever works so deliberately on the parking number and signages. We as a proactive AOA, have not only put the numbers but also signages all over. If one goes into the basement, it gives a feeling of being in a mall.”

The AOA of the society also installed more CCTVs to increase the CCTV surveillance to cover major areas such as the basement and main road among others. Even the police often approaches them for CCTV footage.

To resolve the issue of dog biting cases in the society, the PL AOA and the animal welfare committee of the society has made a feeding zone outside the society premises. They also hired a dog trainer to feed the dogs and train them. The AOA is bearing the expenses for all this.

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