Noida- Over 200 buyers of Amrapali to get possession after 12 years
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Noida- Over 200 buyers of Amrapali to get possession after 12 years

NBCC has claimed to complete the work of all the projects by June 2024

Noida- Over 200 buyers of Amrapali to get possession after 12 years

Noida: For the middle class, owning a home is one of the biggest landmarks in life. For thousands of buyers in the Amrapali project, the dream of possessing a home was stalled, as the project was suddenly stopped. However, things are looking a little bright.

The good news is that work of some Amrapali housing group, which had been incomplete for almost 12 years, either has been completed or is progressing. As gathered, about 200 buyers from Amrapali Dream Valley and Amrapali Silicon City are being given possession.

In a tweet, NEFOWA informs that 101 buyers have already been given the keys to their flats.

Moreover, National Buildings Construction Corporation NBCC said that keys to some more flats in Amrapali Silicon City would be handed over to the buyers by July 23, 2022. NBCC has claimed to complete the work of all the projects by June 2024.

According to sources, about 42 thousand buyers in Noida had booked flats from 2009 to 2012 in Amprali's projects. For these projects, builders started taking land from the Authority around 2007. About two years ago, nearly 10 thousand buyers had got flats in these projects in Noida, while around 32 thousand buyers were waiting to get flats as the work on Amrapali's projects was completely stopped. Thereafter, the matter reached to the Supreme Court.


As gathered, NBCC took over the task of completing the incomplete projects in July 2019 under the orders of the Supreme Court. Team NEFOWA had been following up on this issue for a long time.

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Dipankar Kumar, Senior VP, NEFOWA says, "In the middle, the work was affected due to the dangerous wave of corona twice. Initially, NBCC had released the schedule of completion of all the projects by the year 2023 but now it has been extended by one year and said to be completed by June 2024."

Abhishek Kumar, petitioner in Amrapali Leisure Park and President, NEFOWA says, “This was a big struggle but we never stepped back, this is a collective achievement for the flat buyers and team NEFOWA. Today, 101 flat buyers have won their battle in Greater Noida West. I am still waiting for my flat in Amrapali Leisure Park high-rise. We have not received the keys which would take a few more months.”

He continues, “Still 32,000 to 34,000 buyers are waiting in Greater Noida West for their flats. Only 500 buyers have got their keys until now out of 32 projects.  These 500 beneficiaries are the ones who either booked low-rise flats or villas. Residents who booked high-rise flats are still waiting. Even, the buyers who may get their flats soon are not happy as they are being charged 200 rupees extra per square feet which means an additional 6 lakh.”

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, Vice President of NEFOWA says, “All credit goes to our team who continuously strived. Congratulations to all the buyers who got the keys and best of luck to others who will be getting keys soon."

Haroon Siddiqui, a resident of New Delhi got possession in Amrapali Dream Valley after the long wait of 12 years. He says, “The happiness is beyond words. I thank team NEFOWA who fought for our rights non-stop and made us win a lost battle. It is a great feeling to own a house after 12 years. Next week, I will be shifting to a new house as NOC and keys will be handed over next week."

Shweta Bharti, Amrapali Centurian Park petitioner in the supreme court and General Secretary of Nefowa says, “We are happy. Earlier it was just a thought, will they make it? We are suffering for 12 years and have seen all kinds of days. We were left hopeless. In these 6 months, we have got some hopes. We are sure we will get home soon.”

She elaborates, "There is a fund problem arising with NBCC for which we are giving suggestions daily. This is not an individual fight, in 2011 we started on our own, but later in 2017 we were the ones who took 4500 buyers together to the supreme court and hired the best lawyers and the results are in front of everyone."

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