Live life Kingfisher style
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Live life Kingfisher style

A story from Dwarka sector 23 water body

Live life Kingfisher style

Dwarka: In continuing our efforts to bring you the going-ons in your neighbourhood, this time we bring you a story where the protagonist is a White Breasted Kingfisher, who specialises in diving to kill.

Jai Prabhan, a photography enthusiast whose muse is the Dwarka sector 23 waterbody has captured the morning doings of a resident White Breasted Kingfisher.

A sequence of photographs shows the routine of a resident White-Breasted Kingfisher from the water body. After an early morning chat with a friend, the bird in focus, takes to its wings in search of the perfect spot to catch its breakfast from. Soon it can be seen diving into the muddy water with full concertation and unflinching eyes on its prize. The dive proves successful as one can see, moments later, the bird on a perch enjoying its early morning breakfast of a fish.

It is a minor daily episode in the life around us, but then it is a fascinating one too, as we are lucky to see nature in all its beauty and rawness in an otherwise concrete jungle we live in.

Credits: Jai Prabhan