Shipra Riviera: Contaminated water supply makes residents furious
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Shipra Riviera: Contaminated water supply makes residents furious

The residents say that the water supply pipeline is 22 years old and thus, rusted and dirty

Shipra Riviera: Contaminated water supply makes residents furious

Indirapuram: A few residents of Shipra Riviera, Gyan Khand 3, Indirapuram are upset and furious over the alleged contaminated drinking water supply in their homes. Residents allege that 15 households of 1000 families residing in the housing society were reportedly getting visibly contaminated and foul-smelling water supply for the last ten days.

The residents allege that they are getting muddy water supplied in their homes, which puts them at risk of several diseases. The residents suspected that the contaminated water is seeping into the underground drinking water lines from the adjacent sewer line which must be broken at some point. The society's RWA team had written a letter to the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) highlighting the issue. In response to this letter, last week the GDA sent out a team to check the sewer line for any faults. However, even after the GDA team fixed the sewer line, four out of those fifteen households still complain about getting contaminated water supply. The residents suspect that it may be due to breakage in the local water supply line of these households.

The residents also say that because the water supply pipeline is 22 years old, it is rusty and might be broken. They demand their local pipeline be checked and replaced if needed. A resident of Shipra Riviera, Chanakya says "I am concerned over the dirty water being supplied in our society. It is harmful to our kids and for us as well."

Rakesh, General Secretary of the Shipra Riviera, says, "I have been facing a similar problem along with other residents. I think the authorities should look into it as soon as possible."

Keshav Maan, another resident of the society says, "This happened because of sheer negligence. I think the authorities and the residents as well should be more careful about the maintenance of the local water pipeline. What makes me sad is that our kids will fall ill after the consumption of the contaminated water. The issue should be resolved as soon as possible."

However, some residents didn't wait on authorities to take action and took the matter in their own hands. Mayank Malhotra, a resident tells us, "It was so difficult for me and my family to live without clean water that I got the water supply pipeline of my home changed by myself."