Gurugram- Suncity society adopts effective waste segregation model
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Gurugram- Suncity society adopts effective waste segregation model

They are installing LAC (Liquid anaerobic Composter) for composting

Gurugram- Suncity society adopts effective waste segregation model

Gurugram: Residents and RWA of Suncity, a township in sector 54 are proud as they have successfully adopted an effective waste segregation mechanism. To make this possible, RWA of Suncity with the help of Saahas, waste management services, had planned drives to educate the residents and domestic workers about waste management.

Here, the waste is divided into three parts, dry waste, wet waste and Domestic hazardous waste. They have provided different containers to the waste collectors for the waste to be collected separately. Moreover, the society is also working on installing LACs (Liquid anaerobic Composters) for proper for composting. In this way, Suncity is contributing to the Biogas initiative of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram.

As gathered, Suncity has been working towards this cause since November 2021. Residents informed several problems emerged related to waste management. It became a task for informal waste workers to manage that waste. To sort the process, the RWA of Suncity decided to segregate the waste before handing it to the waste workers.

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Kusum Sharma, an RWA member says, "People were not aware of waste segregation and management. It took a lot of effort to educate people about it. RWA even decided to impose fines and challans on the unsegregated waste which made people take action towards waste segregation."

Vishakha, a member of the Saahas organisation explains the model to CitySpidey. She says, "We provided a container for wet waste and two bags for the other two types of waste to be collected separately."

After collecting the waste, the wet waste would be transferred to the LAC. Later, that compost waste will be sent to the Biogas plant. The biogas plant is located opposite the Paras Hospital, where they have a GGU (Gas Generation Unit). Vishakha says, "LAC machine will be ready in next two weeks for use." Vishakha also mentioned that the biogas project which will start in the mid of August.