Residents demand expansion of metro in Ghaziabad
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Residents demand expansion of metro in Ghaziabad

All the promises remain unfulfilled and the residents still await metro services in their area.

Residents demand expansion of metro in Ghaziabad

The Vaishali metro station in Ghaziabad was built 13 years ago. Since then, residents have been expecting the metro to be extended further to get last-mile connectivity. They allege that the authorities had promised that the metro would be extended to Vasundhara, Mohan Nagar, Indrapuram, Sahibabad, and NH 24 several times over the years. However, all the promises remain unfulfilled and the residents still await metro services in their area.

Residents from Mohan Nagar, Vasundhara, and Indirapuram say that the Vaishali metro line is the only way to get to work and that too is far from their area. They allege that getting to the station takes much more money than the metro fair.

Several residents share that as office-going employees, they have to deal with a lot of problems on the road. Most commuters have to go to Noida and Gurugram where they work. Monsoons make it worse as the cabs become even more expensive.

Recently, higher authorities decided to build a ropeway connecting Vaishali and Mohan Nagar. However, commuters argue this would not be practical as its price would be too high for the middle class to afford it.

CitySpidey talked to several residents who shared with us their plight.

Rishab Mehra, a resident of Vasundhara, sector 13, says, "I am an IT employee working in Gurugram, and sometimes it is difficult for me to reach the metro station, such as yesterday morning when it was raining and I was late because the metro is far from here."

Deepak Malik, a resident of Mohan Nagar, is a corporate employee who has been working in Noida for 15 years. He says, "When I heard about the Vaishali metro station being built, I assumed it would be extended at some point, but not yet. We have signed a petition regarding this and hope the authorities would provide this soon."

Joytee Chatterjee, a resident of Indirapuram's Cloud Nine Society, says, "I am a teacher by profession and have to go every day to school. There is no metro here. It feels sad to be spending this much on transport."

Lara, a resident of Indirapuram's Nirala Eden, says, "As a homemaker, I don't go out regularly, but some of my friends are working women who face a lot of difficulty in reaching the Vaishali metro as it is too far. It can also be unsafe on the road sometimes."

Prabhat Mukhirya, a resident of Gulmohar society, Indirapuram says, "Thousand of residents are at a disadvantage as compared with others just because there is no mero here. Expansion of the metro is long due."