Noida- A traditional Teej at Arun Vihar ward 7
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Noida- A traditional Teej at Arun Vihar ward 7

Several residents said it was the first time they celebrated Teej with traditional festivities.

Noida- A traditional Teej at Arun Vihar ward 7

Teej is one of the most aesthetic and colourful festivals. Residents of Arun Vihar, sector 29, ward 7 celebrated Teej in a traditional manner carrying out proper customs. Several residents were happy with the fact that it was the first time that they celebrated Teej with complete traditional festivities.

The celebrations, organized at the ward park, became an enjoyable time for the residents. Elderly couples from the society held hands and performed folk songs of Shiv Parwati, residents enjoyed swings together and had lots of fun with their family and friends.

Women of the society were dressed up in green, depicting the colour of henna and longevity. Pratibha Bhatnagar, a resident of the society distributed handmade colourful bands to welcome the ladies. Saroj Chhabra, a senior citizen in her nineties initiated the function with a Shiv Vandana. Thereafter, couples began their Shiv pooja and recited the holy hymns together. Moreover, a good range of snacks from South to North India was arranged for everyone.

On the occasion, residents of the ward also displayed their talent. Some recited poetry and sang folk songs of monsoon. Col IP Singh, Chairman AVRWA and  Kavita Jamil, Vice Chairperson AVRWA also participated in the event.

Ward Director (WD) of ward 3 Deepa Jain and other women of ward 7 took to the dance floor and increased the fun quotient of the evening with their performances. Many senior citizens danced like this for the 1st time.

The event was organised by WD – Urmil Sharma, along with her team including Madhu Sharma, Col Dushyant Hooda, and Chandra Mann.

Urmil Sharma, WD Ward 7, organiser says, "Apart from doing routine ward work, the charter of the ward management team is to increase the happiness index of the ward, where senior citizens, single ladies and all the residents live with peace and harmony. The love and blessings received from residents show that we are on the right path.”

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Brig. Diwan says, "This was the best Teej Utsav I have ever attended. Feels good to see that still, the traditions are alive. We should keep celebrating our traditional festivals, as they not only make us happy, but they connect us with our roots and families."