Hariyali Teej- GrenoWest societies go green!
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Hariyali Teej- GrenoWest societies go green!

They distributed saplings as gifts to participants

Hariyali Teej- GrenoWest societies go green!

The Hariyali Teej is a festival of welcoming the monsoon. It includes rejoicing in nature and embracing beauty. Wearing green and swinging on trees are major rituals associated with the day. This year, societies of GreNo West decided to Go Green while taking steps for environmental conservation. Residents not only wore greens but distributed saplings as gifts to participants and even arranged green snacks.

Greater Noida West witnessed a festive atmosphere over the last few days for Teej. Ladies were seen getting Heena applied on the hands, vendors were also seen as cheerful as their business increased. The celebration came to a glorious end on July 31, 2022, with the women of Greater Noida West celebrating Teej with great enthusiasm.

11th Avenue-

The residents started their event by cutting the Teej cake and gifting everyone a sapling. Bhawna Gaur, resident and organiser of the event says, "Teej festival encourages us to think about our environment. Teej is the best festival as it connects us with nature. Women were dressed in the green bangles and attire and pleasing make-up."

Moreover, the women played Tambola and had fun. The party hall was decorated with flower garlands, Bandanwars and colourful chunaris. Every woman was welcomed by applying tilak and putting 'Akshat' symbolizing the auspiciousness of Indian culture.

Mahagun Mywoods-

The residents of Mahagun Mywoods had a gala time together and wore green outfits. Dr Abhiruchi, a resident of the society says, “We decided to celebrate the festival of Hariyali Teej by going green. Not only did we wear green saree and suits, but we also had green meals and snacks. As gifts, we distributed saplings."

Habitech Panchtatva-

The Ladies of Habitech Panchtatva enjoyed the drizzle by swinging on the swing and singing the songs for Sawan. Tripiti, a resident of Habitech Panchtava says, “We all wore the green clothes and were very happy, festivals are just an excuse to bring happiness back into our lives. Usually, we remain indoors and these kinds of festivals bring us close to nature.”

Himalaya pride-

Teej was celebrated by the ladies of Himalaya pride with full fervour. The ladies were seen in green and adorned in jewellery and beautiful flowers in their hair. All the ladies enjoyed dancing and playing the games. Geetanjali Darshan, Seema Bhandari, Mohini Khanka, Alka Sharma, Geeta Malhotra managed the event and made the evening memorable for the ladies of Himalaya pride.

Ajnara homes-

In Ajnara homes, Teej was celebrated with the same zeal and zest. Apart from this, there were fun activities like Teej queen, ramp walk, musical chair, tombola and unlimited food and dance. Suman Kumari was awarded the Teej queen award. She says, “This was the best day of my life. I cannot express my happiness.”

Samridhhi Grand Avenue

The ladies of Samridhhi Grand Avenue celebrated in their society and after that, they went out. They booked a private restaurant and enjoyed dance and added more cheer to the remaining day. Pallavi Gupta, resident of Samridhhi Grand Avenue says, “We went to a village-themed restaurant with our friends Sarita, Sangeeta, Nidhi, Dipika and Jaspreet. We enjoyed catwalk, games and dances.”

6th avenue-

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Several like-minded ladies of this society planned their parties and went out to celebrate their day together. Anita Prajapati, resident of 6th avenue says, “ I had a day full of fun with my friends Anita, Saroj and Geeta. We sang folk songs together and dance on the crazy beats too.”