Shrikant Tyagi arrested, Community reacts
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Shrikant Tyagi arrested, Community reacts

Residents lodged a complaint against him at the Noida phase 2 Police station

Shrikant Tyagi arrested, Community reacts

The episode regarding Shrikant Tyagi, a resident of Omaxe Grande society, sector 93, who claimed to be a leader of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), a claim that the BJP has refuted, has taken a new twist. As gathered, Noida Police has arrested Shrikant Tyagi from Meerut. Two IPS officers are interrogating Shrikant Tyagi. After this, he will be brought to Gautam Budh Nagar District Court.

On August 5, 2022, Tyagi threatened and abused a lady who is herself a resident of Omaxe Grande society and who had objected to the alleged encroachment by him in the society's common area. The entire incident was caught on the CCTV of the society. The same day, residents lodged a complaint against him at the Noida phase 2 Police station.
In an interesting turn of events, on August 8, 2022, the Noida Authority's officials came to Shrikant Tyagi's house and removed all encroachments made by him in the Grand Omaxe Housing Society. Now that he has been arrested more details of the incident are expected to come out including the reality of the fact whether Shrikant was actually associated with the BJP in any way or not.

In the meantime, several messages in the area WhatsApp groups are circulating highlighting the fact that several such characters are living in many residential societies of Noida who use their political clout or association with local police to throw their weight around, threatening the residents and flouting society norms and laws.

CitySpidey reached out to residents from Noida and Greater Noida West to know their views on the episode and the circumstances around it.

Meenakshi Tyagi, Founder and President of Nari Pragati Social Foundation and resident of Mahagun Maestro, Sector 50 says,

“ This action is highly appreciable, this will give a sense of freedom and security to the women.  We cannot simply move on from any incident of threat and abuse. This would give a message to all bullies that no matter what influences they have, they cannot misbehave with women. I would like to thank the UP government for this step."

Annu Khan, President of Nefoma says,

“It has happened with us many times as well, that the goons and the builder tried to assault us. We filed an FIR, he assaulted us later. Luckily, the video went viral. If we were so easily scared, we would have closed the association in 2011 only where we help the flat buyers and builders. We have taken big shots, builders, to the courts. We are not scared easily."

Shweta Bharti, General secretary of Nefowa who fights for the builder buyer issues, says,

“ Every society has bullies such as Shrikant. They try to intimidate women who are active and speak against them. I am very proud of the lady that stood up to him bravely. However, I wonder if the action would have been taken so quickly without the video?!

She continues, “We fight for flat owners' rights. Being a lady, I have also faced such things. Families also feel concerned when we raise our voices. But for us, our mission is more important. This will give a boost to the confidence of Indian society and will defy patriarchal brutes."

Naresh Nautiyal, Resident of Himalaya Pride and member of FONAA (Federation of Noida & Greater Noida Apartment Owners Association holds a different view.

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He says, "Firstly, politicians should not be allowed to enter residential societies. Secondly, What is the hype? They have just caught one Shrikant Tyagi, there are many like him in every society. If one takes a closer look, everyone is extorting someone. Landlords harass the tenants, tenant are extorting and not vacating the flat, in our society many similar issues are going on which we are trying to curb.