6 Things we do not like about the festive season
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6 Things we do not like about the festive season

During Raksha Bandhan, there is significant traffic congestion on the city's main routes

6 Things we do not like about the festive season

With the festive season arriving, the nearest one in our pockets is Raksha Bandhan. This adorable festival celebrates the bond between siblings. The festivals bring a lot of happiness and excitement, many challenges come with them too. Amidst sweets, gifts and festivities, there are some things we are tired of facing every year.

Here are 6 Things we do not like about the festive season-

Low-quality sweets

Festivals and sweets go hand in hand, no celebration is complete without the sweet tooth. On festivals such as the Raksha Bandhan, the demand for Indian sweets increases greatly. Unfortunately, taking advantage of this, restaurants compromise on their taste and quality to meet significant needs.

Many confectioners produce poor-quality khoya to meet the increased demand. Genuine khoya costs sweet producers about Rs 120 per kg, whereas poor quality khoya is sold as cheap as 40–45 per kg. Additionally,  the supply of milk remains the same throughout the year, and as a result of the lack of milk, producers make poor-quality sweets.

Hike in cabs fare

If you are a regular user of Ola and Uber, you would realise the hiked prices during festivals. During peak hours, these cabs fare 3 times more expensive than the regular price. Also, with the costs, the availability of these cabs comes as a question, there are 20-25 minutes waiting.


There is always an unusual rush and chaos that festivals create in Delhi. On the day of Rakshabandhan, thousands of people take highways to meet relatives for the festivities, slowing down traffic flow and creating a troublesome situation for commuters. During the peak hours in the morning, it gets impossible to travel in your vehicle. Every other person in Delhi is on the road, stuck in traffic jams amidst honking and long queues. Public transport is also crowded, making it difficult to commute.

Extra calories

Festivals won't be your friend if you are trying to watch your weight. Sweets and greasy food are everything you see, and just wonder where to hide. Another problem is all your relatives force you to cheat on your diet.

Congested Markets

During Raksha Bandhan or any festival, there is significant traffic congestion in the city's main routes as residents flock to market areas to do their shopping. All the markets, whether it's west Delhi or south Delhi market, remain crowded with shoppers throughout the day. No individual can buy anything in peace. Also, the shopkeepers hike their regular prices, keeping the festive profit in their minds.

Overcrowded restaurants

If by any chance you are not at home at a festival, you are in for a hard day. Even if you decide to visit an eatery to lighten your mood, you would become sadder as there are families and friends enjoying here after the home rituals. I guess the only resort is online food delivery.