Residents of Defence Enclave raise security issues
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Residents of Defence Enclave raise security issues

More than 3000 families live here in nearly 947 flats in the society

Residents of Defence Enclave raise security issues

Residents of Defence Enclave, sector-44 near Godrej Woods allegedly do not have the main gate in their society since they moved in, in 2020 end. As a result, residents allege that they are forced to be alert all the time as anyone can enter the society at any time. Moreover, they also allege that builders are not providing them with Ganga water supply as promised in the brochure.

As gathered, more than 3000 families live here in nearly 947 flats in the society. Residents allege that they are living in fear because of the lack of security. On August 4, 2022, residents caught a thief red-handed. They share, that in the present case of no security guards and no CCTV surveillance, they have no alternative but to be alert all the time.

What makes it more complicated is that each tower is owned by a different builder. Residents allege that despite regular complaints, the builders of Defence Enclave society are not taking any action.

Residents of Homtech Block B, a block inside the defence enclave premises have been trying to reach out to their builder ATFL (Asian Townsville Farma Limited for a long time. To get their problems solved, they met with the Managing director of ATFL Major Chandra Mohan Bhando, regarding the issues but nothing changed.

Residents allege that the banner of ATFL at the Saket office promises secured premises with a guard room in each tower, however, this does not hold true.

CitySpidey talked to some residents from Defence Enclave society to understand their problems-

Sadhna Mishra, resident of Defence Enclave says, “It was supposed to be a gated society, but as there is no main gate then how can it be a gated society? Anyone including miscreants and thieves can enter here. There is no CCTV in society. The builder has agreed to put 8 CCTV in the society, but they would cover only a specific section and not the whole area.”

Poornima Singh, a resident of Homtech Block B, says "Lack of security is a major problem. The cover of my car was found torn with scratches. Unknown people enter the tower premises and ask for donations. We have caught them many times."

Meena Devi, a resident of Homtech Block B, says "Builder had promised Ganga water when selling the flat, and now is supplying borewell water with TDS 3000 in the flats."

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Prafull Thakur, the resident of Homtech Block B, says "Many times I face parking issues, sometimes due to an unauthorised car parked in a tower, and at times due to the vehicle parked improperly."

CitySpidey tried to reach out to ATFL builders but they were unresponsive. We will update the story once we get their comments.