Tips to achieve naturally glowing skin!
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Tips to achieve naturally glowing skin!

The concept of healthy glowing skin is deeper, it includes physical and emotional wellness.

Tips to achieve naturally glowing skin!

In today's age of face altering filters, skin-perfecting editing apps and handpicked glossy moments of people's lives highlighted on the internet, one is bound to feel a little insecure. Many of us go through different levels of insecurities when we come across people flaunting their perfect skin texture, glossy and an even skin tone. However, the concept of healthy glowing skin is deeper. It includes physical and emotional wellness.

Jagriti Singh, Dermatologist from Delhi, says, "Women are inclined towards a picture-perfect skin with no blemishes or scars; they tend to achieve this by the use of chemically produced makeup, which in return can be harmful to the skin if not used in limited amounts. Certain makeup products are based on different skin types and if mixed, they can turn out to be extremely dangerous for your skin. Women should more often try natural methods for glowing skin."

Here are some simple ways to achieve naturally healthy and glowing skin-

Become Skin Aware

Becoming aware of your skin will not only help you counter your skin problems in a better way but will make you come to terms with any flaws. This way you can accept things like acne, pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines as a part of your skin, making you more confident in your skin.

Build your skincare routine

While a skincare routine will help you keep your skin healthier, it will also instill a habit of self-love in your daily activity. Consider a ritualistic skincare routine as a self-care practice that will be a daily reminder of the love and effort your body makes in the healthy functioning of your body.

Start Your Day With Affirmations

"You are so used to your own features, you don't know how beautiful you are to a stranger." Start your day with positive affirmations about your skin to remind yourself of your natural beauty. Starting your morning with a dose of positivity can help boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful in your skin.

Stay hydrated

We hear people advising to drink water for n number of problems – weight management, acne issues, stress problems and whatnot. As annoying as it sounds, hydration does play a crucial role in balancing your body's pH level, maintaining your body's temperature and keeping your skin hydrated and protected.

Practice Self-love & Gratitude

Apart from external acts of appreciation for your own skin, self-love can be practised by gratitude. Start your day by being thankful for a body that functions healthily and the beauty that you've been blessed naturally. Once you start counting your blessings, comparison induced problems that function on anxiety will be soon sidelined.

So, the next time you scroll past a gleaming makeup-free selfie of a beauty influencer or a friend, kick insecurities out by replacing them with confidence.