Protein rich lunch recipes for weight loss!
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Protein rich lunch recipes for weight loss!

Apart from egg bhurji and paneer bhurji, you can definitely give a try to to tofu bhurji.

Protein rich lunch recipes for weight loss!

In the bid to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle, it is important to include lots of protein in your diet. Protein rich food helps you stay fuller for long and thus, helps in your weight loss journey. While people say that Indian cuisine is not protein rich, we beg to differ. You actually can have several lunch options which are healthy, tasty and of course, protien rich.

Tofu Bhurji

Apart from egg bhurji and paneer bhurji, you can definitely give a try to to tofu bhurji. Crumble the Tofu and saute some onion, tomatoes, carrots, green chilli and bell peppers. Then add the tofu, salt and enjoy your bhurji.

Sprouts Chilla

If you are a sprout person but want to eat sprouts in a different way, then this recipe is for you. Just add 1 cup of green moong sprouts, 1 green chilli, and 1 garlic clove, and blend it using the appropriate  amount of water. Mix it with veggies of your choice and make your chillas.

Oats Dosa with Paneer

Oats are well-known for being a fibre rich food. So, add some paneer and blend it with oats, then pour some batter into the pan and add onions to make your super thin and crisp paneer dosa. Enjoy it with super delicious peanut chutney and sambhar.

Brocolli paneer fried Rice

Choose some unpolished rice. Add some garlic and chilli for flavour in the pan. Saute veggies like capsicum, beans, cabbage, onion, chillies and paneer and salt as per taste. Add soya sauce. Fry it well and sprinkle some spring onion and serve it.

Methi Toor Dal

Dal is the ultimate one-stop solution for protein. Cut some methi, green chilli, turmeric, tomato, and salt and pressure cook it with toor dal. Heat the pan, add a tablespoon of Ghee, add jeera, curry leaves, garlic, chilli, and add the dal. And enjoy a bowl of it with some chappatis.

Beetroot Sprouts Salad

Grate a whole beetroot and mix it with some salt, onion, tomatoes, chillies and half lemon with rock salt. Mix it with green moong and black chickpea sprouts and Enjoy the tastiest diet food ever.

Soybean Curry

Indian food is just incomplete without curries. Let's try out this curry recipe. Heat the pan add two tablespoons of ghee and add jeera and onion, saute it till golden brown and add green chilli, garlic and  ginger paste, Add turmeric, jeera and garam masala powder and tomatoes and mix it well till it has a good aroma. Add some Soybeans and water according to the curry. Serve it with some multigrain rotis and enjoy.

Avocado Sandwich

It is a very easy recipe to prepare. Spread half avocado on brown bread, add salt, and pepper powder and season with a few drops of olive oil. Enjoy it!

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