Interesting and unique ice cream recipes to beat the heat!
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Interesting and unique ice cream recipes to beat the heat!

The new ice cream recipes are on board for summer 2022

Interesting and unique ice cream recipes to beat the heat!

No one can imagine their hot summers without chilled ice cream. Tasting different and new flavours is something that one can think of. So, try out these super interesting and unique ice cream recipes in  your home to cool your summer and your mood.

The trending puttu Ice cream

Credit: Prittle prattle news

Freeze the puttu maker with the puttu plate and lid for 2 hours. Then  mix cornflakes, raisins, chopped cashew nuts and tutti frutti in a  bowl and keep it aside. put a thin layer of cornflakes mixture and level in the puttu maker. Then add a layer of 2 -3 scoops of vanilla  ice cream and level it using a spoon. and again add a thin layer of cornflakes mixture and then add 2-3 scoops of mango ice cream and level it. repeat the same with strawberry and chocolate ice cream and  freeze it for 3 hours. Demould your ice cream and sprinkle chocolate or any sauce which you like.

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Poha-Custard Ice cream

Credit: Kannama Cooks

Mix 2 tablespoons of custard powder to half a glass of cold milk and  keep aside. Boil half a litre of full-fat milk with 5 tablespoons  sugar and add the custard powder mix and stir till gets thickened then  cool it and add poha to the cold mixture and put the mixture in an ice  cream mould and enjoy this super interesting recipe.

Green grape Ice cream

Credit: Live Eat Learn

Grapes are a super delicious summer fruit. Add 250 grams of thick  grape juice into the whipped cream and sugar powder mixture and put it  in the mould and freeze it for 3 hours with some grape chunks. and  enjoy the blissful green grape ice cream at your home.

Coconut curd Ice cream

Credit: Live Eat Learn

Curd is super refreshing summer soothers. Take one litre of milk and  boil it to half and set curd for overnight.  Add desiccated coconut  and sugar to the curd mixture and mix well. Put the mixture into the  mould and freeze it for 3-4 hours.

Watermelon Ice cream

Credit: Live Eat Learn

Take out watermelon juice by cutting 1/4th of small size watermelon  and grind it. and then mix it well with condensed milk and whipped  cream and add some sugar. Then put the red mixture into the mould and  freeze it till it sets and enjoy the super tasty watermelon ice cream  whenever you want.

Khatta-mitha-tikha green mango Ice cream

Credit: Live Eat Learn

Boil half kg of green raw mangoes without cutting. cool it and blend  it with your hands. also add green chilly, a little salt, a drop of  green food colour and 100 g of sugar to the mixture. and put that into  the mould and freeze till it sets nicely. The amazing green chilli  mango ice cream will leave you surprised with its super delicious taste.

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