K- Dramas you can watch if you love Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix
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K- Dramas you can watch if you love Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix

We have the definitive list to binge on if you have followed Woo on her scenic trip

K- Dramas you can watch if you love Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix

Netflix's 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' has emerged as a global sensation. It is a touching South Korean drama series that follows Woo Young-woo, a young attorney with autism. She has a high IQ, a great memory, and is creative, but she has trouble with emotions and social situations. However, she overcomes every challenge in the courtroom and her new job with sheer willpower, diligence, and whale talks.

We have the definitive list to binge on if you have followed Woo on her scenic trip and want to watch more similar motivational KDramas. Most programmes, including 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Remarriages & Desires

Remarriages & Desires similarly recounts the account of a strong female character in a cutthroat field who is prepared to do anything to succeed in her objectives. Although significantly different in its general tone and story arc, you can turn here if you like Attorney Woo. It follows Seo Hye-pursuit Seung's vengeance against the person who had stolen her spouse. She joins Rex, an exclusive matchmaking service, and rises to the top, regaining all she misplaced. Seo is a strong-willed lady who, like Woo, refuses to let failure define her and maintains her position in a competitive industry. If you enjoyed 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', you'll love this one even more!

Law School

Kim Sok-Yun, Christine Ko, and Seo are the creators of the legal drama series 'Law School', which features not just one but a whole group of intelligent aspiring attorneys. It centres on Professor Yang Jong-hoon, a renowned law professor and former prosecutor who teaches criminal law. He investigates a murder case in the institution with the help of his bright students. The show depicts the everyday activities of attorneys and court processes, as well as the challenges that aspiring attorneys encounter while researching cases. However, it is far more engaging than humorous. After reading "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," if your appetite yearns for a more in-depth examination of a lawyer's thoughts, this one is your best chance.

Move to Heaven

The drama series 'Move to Heaven' has a unique idea and another emotional autistic protagonist. Kim Sung-ho and Yoon Ji-ryun are the drama's creators, which centres on Geu-Ru, a teenage Asperger's patient who owns and operates the titular trauma cleaning company with his uncle Sang-gu. After the death of his brother, the latter was responsible for looking after his nephew. The two develop an unusual friendship while working with their clients and battling their respective demons. Both characters accurately represent persons on the spectrum who struggle to connect with people emotionally.

Good Doctor

The medical drama series 'Good Doctor' served as the basis for the popular American version and featured a lead character who will unmistakably bring Woo to mind. It is a Park Jae-bum production that centres on Park Si-on, a medical intern with savant syndrome who is on the autism spectrum and aspires to become a paediatric surgeon. His peers frequently disagree with him because of his emotional abilities, despite his great memory and spatial skills. Things become even more tricky when he develops feelings for a fellow doctor. If you want to watch a show like 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', this one is at the top of our list because the main characters are practically soul twins.

It's okay to Not Be okay

This drama is one of a kind in the history of K-dramas. It's Okay to Not Be Okay' is the story of Moon Sang-Tae, Moon Gang-Tae, and Ko Moon-young. The heartbreakingly beautiful K-drama shows three prominent people and how their lives are interwoven. Playing a reclusive children's book is Seo Yea-Ji. Moon-young plays the role of his older autistic brother Moon Sang-Tae, who witnessed their mother's horrific murder as a child. Kim Soo-Hyun plays the role of Moon Gang-Tae, a caretaker in a psychiatric ward. Lastly, Oh Jung-Se plays the role of Ko Moon-young. OhJung-Se portrays the distressed Moon Sang-Tae in a hopeful and brave way. The nuanced comic-like dark love story is surely a great watch.