GreNo West: Residents furious over non-functioning street lights
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GreNo West: Residents furious over non-functioning street lights

The residents say that no maintenance work of these street lights has been done

GreNo West: Residents furious over non-functioning street lights

GreNo West: Residents of Greater Noida West are furious over the non-functioning street lights. They say that across GreNo West, around half of the street lights are not functioning or are switched off and despite several complaints, nothing has been done yet.

As per the information gathered, the GNIDA had given the work of replacing old yellow street lights with LEDs and installing smart panels to a private company. Under this project of about rupees 42 crores, maintenance of street lights for 7 years is also included. While most of the street lights in several sectors and roads in GreNo West have been replaced by LED lights and smart panels have been installed, the residents complain that the illumination on the roads is lesser than before and that a lot of street lights aren't working or remain switched off in the night.

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President, NEFOWA says, "There is no sector in GreNo West where all the lights are working. Greno West residents are continuously complaining about dark roads. They have taken the issue to social media but nothing is being done about it."

He continues, "Even after several complaints, only a few street lights were fixed." According to him, some the areas which need immediate attention include-

Road from Charmurti to Bisrakh (NX-One side)

The cut of Nirala Estate Society to Hanuman Mandir Rotary

The road between Ajnara Homes and Panchsheel Greens-1

The road between Ecovillage-3 and Shri Radha Sky Garden

Ek murti circle to the service road of Saviour Greenarch society to Himalaya Pride Society

The service road from Ek murti to Itehada (Chhath Talab)

The 130m road near Galaxy Mall

Dinkar Pandey, a resident, of Ajnara Homes says, "The lights between Ajnara Homes and Panchsheel Greens-1 in Sector-16B are not switched on or are either dysfunctional."

Mrityunjay Jha, a resident, of Supertech Ecovillage 3 says, "All the lights between Ecovillage-3 and Shri Radha Sky Garden are switched off for several days, many lights of 60m road from Roja Chowk to Nirala Aspire are also not on for several months. "

Dipankar Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens 2 says, "Lights of 5-6 consecutive poles on the railway road from Roja Circle aren't switched on or either they aren't functioning properly, due  to which, a dark patch is created in front of the society".The residents alleged that no maintenance work on these street lights has been done by the concerned company.

On the evening of August 24, 2022, a team from GNIDA went to inspect the roads of GreNo West with team NEFOWA.

Gurvinder Singh, Senior Manager, of Greater Noida Authority says, “We inspected the spots which needed attention. A few lights were found not working. We also met with the residents. It was found that there are places where 10 % of lights are not working. We had a word with the officials of the concerned company about fixing the lights and making sure they stay switched on. They have assured us that the issue will be fixed within a week."