Beard styles for killer looks!
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Beard styles for killer looks!

Beard can always bring out a new look and give a completely new appearance

Beard styles for killer looks!

Beard is considered to be the ultimate statement of a man's style and masculinity. It helps to look smart and gives you a mature appearance altogether. The beauty of a beard is that one can always change them to sport a completely new look. Although most beard styles can work with every kind of face, not every beard is made for everyone.

While considering the right beard, you must consider basic factors such as the facial hair growth pattern and the style that would suit your face shape. Let us have a look at a small guide that will help you choose the best kind of beard according to your face shape.

Round Face shape

It is better to go for beard styles that can slim down your face and create angles that can highlight your cheekbones. One should keep their beard full. Below are some beard styles that you can go for round faces:

1. Van Dyke Beard


This beard will make your face look elongated, it is a very collective style of a beard yet it is a bit informal. The cheeks are shaved smooth and clean to give more emphasis on your beard. This type of beard is adopted in all walks of life by men.

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2. Short Boxed Beard


A short beard is very thin and it has neatly trimmed sides, it is a well-groomed full beard that has a short length that is approximately one inch. The cheek line is naturally maintained in this style of beard.

3. Balbo Beard


The name comes from the Italian commander & aviator Italo Balbo. This beard is without sideburns. It is well-trimmed floating moustaches. There are no sideburns and it is simply extended along the jaw on both sides with clean-shaven cheeks.

Square Face Shape

The best way to style a beard on this face shape is to choose an option that can show off that strong jawline. The beard should be sharp and trimmed so that it can complement the face shape:

1. Circle Beard


A chin patch with mustaches creating a circle. This is a perfect style for men who prefer a clean and tidy beard style. It needs regular trimming to maintain that the circle is not lost.

2. Goatee


It is a small beard that is a little spearheaded over the chin. It is a chin patch with or without a moustache that is easy to maintain. It can be trimmed at home using light or gentle strokes with clean shaved cheeks and jaw.

3. Petite Goatee

This goatee starts beneath the lips and it extends a little below the chin that gives a teardrop upside-down shape. When you let your goatee grow for some weeks, it transforms into a petite goatee.

Oval Face Shape

This face shape is said to be an ideal shape to grow a beard, any beard can look good on this face shape, the most ideal type of beards for the face shape are:

1. Chevron Beard


This beard covers the entire area of the upper lip. It is a great way if you want a full-fledged moustache resulting in a robust look. This is ideal for people who like to subtle beard but want to experiment a bit. This beard needs occasional care specifically for the moustaches.

2. 3-Day Stubble Beard


This is also called a natural beard, it has a natural rugged feel and it is a great way to make your jawline prominent. The facial hair is stubble from cheeks to jaw. The growth is about three days and groomed at the same length.

3. The Original Stache


This beard has a trimmed moustache that sits on the upper lip. It is an extremely easy-going, iconic and trendy style. This is a low-maintenance style yet it looks so versatile.

Rectangular Face Shape

This is a sturdy face shape so the goal is to highlight the sturdy face shape and enhance the strong facial structure.

1. Mutton Chops Beard


This beard has elongated sideburns all along the side of the cheeks that connect to the beard. It is a perfect style for people who prefer a rugged appearance. It can be styled with or without moustaches.

2. Chin Beard


It is small with no moustaches that circle around the chin. The length of this beard is just on the chin and the facial growth is grown on the chin only.

3. Chin Strap Style Beard


It is a vertical hairline across the chin. The facial hair is only grown along the jawline and sometimes on the chin as well. There's no moustache grown in this beard style.

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