GreNo West- NEFOMA serves community meal in Gaur City
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GreNo West- NEFOMA serves community meal in Gaur City

Meals are served for just Rs 5 at Gaur City police chowki every Sunday

GreNo West- NEFOMA serves community meal in Gaur City

In today's world of brands and luxury products, what can possibly be bought for Rs 5? In this case, a healthy plate of Indian food. NEFOMA, a social organization in GreNo West is providing community meals for just Rs 5

About 350 people had a full meal at NEFOMA Kitchen at Gaur City chowk by social organization Nefoma on September 4, 2022. The volunteers of NEFOMA served healthy chola chawal to all hungry for just Rs 5.

NEFOMA has started the initiative of serving community meals for Rs 5 to ensure nutrition and welfare for the underprivileged classes. Food is prepared under the supervision of NEFOMA members and served at Gaur chowk police chowki every Sunday.

Special emphasis was laid on proper waste disposal after the meal. All used plates were placed in garbage bags. Rasik Chahar, a NEFOMA member says, “NEFOMA'S community meals are a step towards humanity. The person who comes without money is served food for free. A minimal amount is taken just to ensure that people do not feel bad."

Members of NEFOMA Annu Khan, Nitin Rana, Avinash Singh, Vivek Chahar, Rasik Chahar, Umesh Singh, Anoop Kumar, Shahnaz Khan, Santosh Verma, and Jitendra Singh participated in the social initiative.

Shayon  Upadhaya
Shayon Upadhaya
679 Days Ago
Very Nice Initiative.. Kudos to Team NEFOMA