Dwarkites bid adieu to Ganpati
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Dwarkites bid adieu to Ganpati

The last 5 days have been eventful in True Freinds apartments, sector 12

Dwarkites bid adieu to Ganpati

The last 5 days have been eventful in True Freinds apartments, sector 12. The community hall of True friends Apartment was booked and arranged by the Maharashtrian community to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi altogether. The small community hall was well decorated and organised. With marigold flowers and yellow colour clothes. From evening celebrations to group prayers, food, and cultural programs all society members came together. Children performed a folk dance that they had been preparing for 10 days. Loud chants of "Ganpati Bappa Morya!" charged the air.

After a lot of fanfare, it is now time to bid farewell to Lord Ganesha. It is the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi and we are already waiting for him to come again soon next year. The 10-day festival has come to an end after several community get-togethers and traditional rituals.

People in Dwarka welcomed Ganpati with tremendous zeal. Live dhols and music was arranged in his welcome. From food to decoration, they did everything possible. Bhandara was arranged for one day in the community hall for one day. Societies came together in traditional rituals and celebrations thankfully now that the Covid cases are under control.

Wearing paithani sarees with a special nose ring which represents Maharashtrian culture was a must in the celebration. And of course how can we forget the 'gajra' which was looking adorable on every woman present in the hall. Their bindi was also different, not the red round regular one but as per the Maharashtrian culture. The half moon with a dot under it. Divya Sahasrabuddhe, a resident of True Freinds Apartment, Dwarka says, "I love this time of the year. Dressing up, community parties, dancing, and food." They said that it is an opportunity for newlyweds to give a welcome puja to Lord Ganesh. This year Divya got her luck in this. She was the one who got the opportunity to give the welcome puja to the god.

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Archana Deshpande, a resident of True Friends Apartment says, "We started planning the festivities a week ago. We tried to involve the children in all the preparations so that they can learn about it." Archana is one of the main organisers of the event. She with her husband takes the lead in the festival.

Residents of True friend's apartment, sector 6 Dwarka say that this is the only time they take their time out for relatives and family. Through cultural programmes, they pass their knowledge to the young generation.