Skywalk to connect sec-52 and sec-51 metro station on the cards
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Skywalk to connect sec-52 and sec-51 metro station on the cards

The skywalk will be completed in a year

Skywalk to connect sec-52 and sec-51 metro station on the cards

In a much-needed step, a 420-meter-long skywalk is soon going to be built between the Blue line metro station sector-52 and Aqua line metro station sector-51. The tender for the same has been issued by Noida Authority. The skywalk between the metro stations will make it easy for the passengers to reach from one metro station to the other. The project is expected to be completed in a year. The cost for the skywalk will be around 10 crores.

Due to the absence of a straight pathway from the aqua line metro station to the blue line, as of now, passengers have to take an E-rickshaw to switch between stations which is tedious and time taking. The demand for the skywalk between the aqua and blue line existed since the construction of the aqua line corridor. Although the E-rickshaws run free of cost, it takes a lot of time for passengers during the switch.

CitySpidey reached out to some residents of Noida who are happy with this development. Anjali, a daily commuter from Noida to Delhi says, "There is a strong need for a skywalk here. It is very inconvenient for us. We have to walk for nearly 200m to take the E-rickshaw to reach the Aqua line from the Blue line. Even after this, the rickshaw drops one some metres behind the stations and you again have to walk. "

Dharmendra Sharma, General Secretary, sector 34 says, "The skywalk will save time for people. They will not have to go down, take rickshaws and then again, come up to take the metro. This was annoying and I am hoping for the work to complete soon."

Moreover, Sanjeev Kumar, Sector-51 General Secretary informs that the land between both the stations is allotted to the IKEA mall. As a result, the skywalk will also facilitate the entry of passengers from the metro station to the mall. As gathered, the mall will be built up by 2027.