Korean actresses who ruled 2022 with outstanding performances!
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Korean actresses who ruled 2022 with outstanding performances!

Park Eun-bin gave her most outstanding performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Korean actresses who ruled 2022 with outstanding performances!

The year 2022 has been commendable when it comes to popularisation of K-Dramas and Korean culture. From melting your heart away to sending chills down your spine, this year, several high-quality Korean dramas have appeared on streaming services, and numerous performers have captured viewers' attention with their remarkable performances and commanding onscreen presence.

Here are some Korean female performers that, in our opinion, went above and beyond to make their assigned characters come to life and become one of the most captivating and unforgettable of the year thus far.

Kim Se-Jeong

Credits- TheStar

Kim Se-Jeong has raised the bar as a bright, captivating, and novel romantic comedy actress. In the movie, A Business Proposal (2022), she portrayed Shin Hari, who replaces her friend on a blind date and discovers she's seeing the CEO of the business where she works. Currently, she is one of the best in the business in the Korean entertainment industry.

Park Eun-bin

Credits- CNA

This very talented actor from Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) is hard not to fall in love with. Park Eun-bin gave her most outstanding performance in what appears to be one of the most popular Korean drama parts of the year. Playing a simple girl in a romantic affair is easy, but playing a role of an autistic person is rather challenging but she plays it to perfection. No doubt this performance in going down in golden letters in the history of Korean entertainment industry.

Seo Yea-Ji

Credits- TheBeauLife

Seo Yea-ji stands out as one of the rare actresses who can slay a dark role and isn't afraid to take risks. Not every actress can carry off a negative role with such force in facial expression, vocalisation, and gesture. In Eve (2022), she plays a double role — Lee La El, who is psychologically imprisoned by a traumatic event, and the fake Kim Sun Bin, who psychodramatically befriends her adversaries with her wit and charm while seeking vengeance through blood and death. Along with the intriguing plot, surprising turns, and compelling characters, Seo Yea ji's performance is intense to the point of shattering the screen.

Kim Tae-ri

Credits- AllKPop

Twenty-five Twenty-one, another popular K Drama, left its fan a little heartbroken with its ending. In the drama, Kim Tae-Ri excels as the cheerful and incredibly optimistic Na Hee-do (2022). She played a cute young student and fencing prodigy who expressed her opinion with charisma and candour despite being in her 30s. She did an excellent job portraying this strong young role who, despite severe loss and rejection in her life, chose to face each day with a newfound determination. Kim Tae-stunning ri's performance won everyone's hearts, and she has since established herself as a brilliant actress.

Im YoonA

Credits- Soompi

After only a few episodes of the crime-thriller series Big Mouse (2022), actress Yoona had already proven her acting prowess as the brave wife of a mediocre attorney who is mistaken for the top con artist known as 'Big Mouse'. You'll be intrigued by her charactersince she exhibits a competitive spirit and strong determination as she eludes detection in her husband's case.

Jung So-min

Credits- Soompi

In Alchemy Of Souls (2022), Jung So-min plays two characters— a formidable assassin named Nak-su, whose soul is transferred into a challenging blind daughter named Mu-deok—while also serving as Jang Uk's teacher and working as a maidservant. She plays these parts with a range of characteristics and emotions such as fearlessness, bravery, and charm, which helps you connect with the character and keeps you hooked to the show.