Noida sector 46 Ramleela in full swing
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Noida sector 46 Ramleela in full swing

75 artists are performing and there is a capacity of nearly 2000 people

Noida sector 46 Ramleela in full swing

Noida: With the Navratri, a festive cheer has arrived in Noida with big and small Ramlilas being organized in many parts of the city. Kickstarting the festival, sector 46 Ramila started on September 26, 2022, and will go on till October 5, 2022. Members of the Shri Ram Lakhan Ramleela organisation of sector 46 have set up a grand 40 by 105 stage. Vipin Agarwal, President of the organisation informs that 75 artists are performing and there is a capacity of nearly 2000 people.

Several residents of Noida are gathering here to witness tales from the Ramayana at sector 46 Ramleela. Nearly 500 community members were seen on the first day of the Ramleela. A Ganesh Vandana took place where the audience participated by singing devotional songs.

The first day saw the conversation between Lord Ram and Lord Shiva followed by the Narada Moh. This was followed by Vishwamitra's arrival and the Taadka slaughter, and Ram Janma and Naamkaran Bal Leela. Day three witnessed the story of Ahalya.

Vipin Agarwal says, "The episode of the birth of Ravan is unique about the sector 46 Ramleela." He adds, "It is a blessed time. We are having large gatherings without the fear of the pandemic after nearly two years. Thus, we are leaving no stone in making our Ramleela a success.

The 10-year-old committee has organised everything under the supervision of Noida civic authorities. Special arrangements have been taken for visitors' safety. Volunteers and police officials have been deployed at various points to ensure security. For the entertainment of the visitors, several street treats and flea markets dealing in jewellery and toys have been set up outside the staging area.