Unique gift ideas for Kanjak 2023
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Unique gift ideas for Kanjak 2023

Amazing gifts and food items are planned for kanjak

Unique gift ideas for Kanjak 2023

Along with the religious significance, it is the joy of rituals that makes us excited for festivals. The auspicious festival of Navratri is about to end with Dussehra. With Ashtami here, it is time for Kanya Puja. 

According to religious books, Kumari Puja takes place every day during the nine-day long celebration of Navratri. On the very first day of Navratri, only a single girl is worshipped and one girl is added on each day.

Many people perform Kumari Puja only on one day i.e: Ashtami Puja day or Navami Puja day. During Kumari Puja, each girl is worshipped with a particular mantra. Girls' feet are washed, she is offered gifts such as kajal, bindi and bangles. Later on, their aarti is done by family members and prasad is served to all. With the passage of time, many things have evolved and nowadays, amazing gifts and food items are planned for kanjak.

Here are a few unique gift options that you can consider:

Lunch boxes

This year, the market is flooded with a variety of gifts. As you will enter any market, you can see sets of lunch boxes decorated in the stalls. We can see a variety of lunch boxes, some of them are colourful and have 2-3 sections which are almost available from 150-300 rupees. This year, market has launched eye-catching designs for lunchboxes especially for children, they are available in cartoon character designs such as Doraemon, Peppa Pig, Spiderman, Bare Bears.

Many of the devotees still prefer to offer prasad in steel plates and lunchboxes, so many of the stalls in the market specially arranged for the Navratri celebration can be seen selling steel utensils starting from the range of 200 rupees.

This year, we can also see some unique plates and special lunch boxes for keeping fruit items like bananas. Cute little banana cases for 200 rupees are available in the market which is easy to carry, and would keep the fruit fresh.

Goody bags

 If you wish to give something which will be loved by kids then these small packages of fruity, chocolates, jelly and biscuits would bring a smile to every kid’s face. They are unique small bags offering tasty snacks in one hamper. It is affordable, easy to carry, as it comes in a plastic bag and has a handle attached to eat. Sizes and different packaging are available in the market.

Cosmetics and Jewellery


People who consider offering simple sober things in connection with their religious beliefs can also find variety in the market. Shingar is a popular theme aligned with Kanya Puja. Beautiful bangles with colourful designs, different materials and sizes are available. Comb, mirror and lipsticks can also be given.

Instead of bangles, you can also offer bracelets with different designs. Colourful cartoon character jewellery is also available in the market. Hair bands, slings, hair accessories like pins and clips can also be seen this year.



Most people prefer to give study material, this year a large variety can be seen in study material gift options. Colourful pens with minion cover boxes are really cute. Pens topped with cartoon characters like Peppa Pig, and Unicorns is also in trend. Magical stamps, slimes and fancy toy keychains are loved by kids.

You can also give them Doraemon figure shapers, pencil boxes with interesting cartoon faces or choose to give them colours and colouring books which will help them to increase their motor skills as well.