Dwarka: Pediatric emergency services begin at Indira Gandhi hospital
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Dwarka: Pediatric emergency services begin at Indira Gandhi hospital

Hospital started its OPD services in November 2021

Dwarka: Pediatric emergency services begin at Indira Gandhi hospital

Dwarka: Indira Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, located in sector 9, started pediatric emergency services on October 3, 2022. After being inaugurated this year, the hospital started the Out Patient Department (OPD) in November 2021 and has been offering OPD services in several departments for 11 months. 

The medical administration at the pediatric emergency informs that Dwarka residents can come 24x7 to avail emergency services for the treatment of their kids. ICU is also ready to take up any emergency related to children. 5 faculty and 15 seniors have been appointed to handle the children's OPD and emergency.

Dr Chaudhary, one of the doctors at Indira Gandhi Hospital Pediatric ward says, "Children need more attention and care with changing weather. Problems such as Jaundice and Dengue have become very common and now Dwarka residents can bring their children for treatment anytime as we have complete facilities."

The emergency for children is located on the first floor with OPD registration and the OPD ward for surgery. For skin and eyes, the OPD wards are located on the second floor and the rest are on the third floor.

The other departments that are operational here include Medicine, Skin, Surgery, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, ENT, Psychiatry, OBS & Gynae, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology. The hospital also started a blood test lab but still lacks the X-Ray service.

CitySpidey visited the hospital and talked to some patients and doctors to understand what the community thinks about this hospital.

The hospital is ready to deal with the problem of Dengue, doctors, and medicines are available in the hospital as per the current scenario where dengue is rapidly increasing.

Kamlesh Jha, a resident of Dwarka sector 10 who had come for the Dengue treatment of his brother says, "The hospital staff is very cooperative and the doctors are very humble too. Till now, I didn't face any problem and my patient is recovering."

Lakshay Gaur, a resident of Shahbad Mohammad Pur village, says, "My jaundice treatment has been going on here for 20 days and I feel better. The blood test facility is available and reports also came in time. The hospital will help Dwarka in the coming time when it becomes fully operational."

Dr Mishra, working as a doctor in the hospital, says "We are trying our best to help the patients in every operational department. 3-4 guards and other medical staff are deployed on every floor to guide and help the patients. As we all know the weather is changing and people and children are falling ill, with diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Jaundice, and viral infection spreading rapidly. We are ready to treat patients with better facilities at the hospital."

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Shweta, a medical staff of the hospital says, "After Navmi and Dussehra, today, on October 6, 2022, the hospital is filled with people and you can see the long queues of patients here. Dwarka residents are very happy with the hospital and everything is running smoothly. Other services, wards, and OPDs are also expected to start soon."