Ahinsa Khand, I'puram: Dug-up road creates traffic snarls and panic
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Ahinsa Khand, I'puram: Dug-up road creates traffic snarls and panic

Residents blame the unholy collusion between contractors and Jal Nigam officials for the repeated leaks in an underground Ganga jal pipeline.

Ahinsa Khand, I'puram: Dug-up road creates traffic snarls and panic

An open hole on the arterial road in Ahinsa Khand 2, Indirapuram, has been a major cause for concern in the area. The hole, 10-12 ft deep, had been dug a week back by Jal Nigam to repair a leaking Ganga jal pipeline.

The open hole has been left unguarded and is a threat to children and adults alike. With two schools located within 100 m from the hole, accidents can happen any time.

When City Spidey visited the spot, it found schoolchildren trying to make their way through the narrow space between the mound and the lane divider; some were even trying to peer down the hole.


Schoolchildren try to negotiate a deep hole dug up to repair a leaking pipeline in Ahinsa Khand 2  


The double-lane road serves more than 15 societies in the area. But with one lane sealed off due to the hole, traffic congestion, especially in the morning and the afternoon hours, has become a persistent woe.

Residents allege that it has become a routine affair for Jal Nigam to dig up the road, as the pipeline often leaks. Speaking to City Spidey, Shyam Singh, an AOA member of SPS Heights, the society located right next to the hole, said, "Jal Nigam had dug a hole in the same location to repair the leaking pipeline a few months back. But it started to ooze again just a fortnight after work was completed. The leak was damaging the road surface."

But most seem sceptical of the repairs. Singh said, "It has been dug twice in the past — and now again! The problem will resurface and the situation will go back to being the same."

Alok Kumar, AOA president of Arihant Harmony, said, "On the one hand residents have had to repeatedly pursue GDA to repair the road, and on the other, the leak damages the road again and again." He added, "The road is a vital mode of connectivity for more than 20,000 households in the area and the callous attitude of Jal Nigam is causing a whole lot of trouble."

Kumar also claims that the situation is a result of the unholy collusion between contractors and Jal Nigam officials, who repeatedly create work to draw funds from the government. Piyush Jain of Gaur Valerio agreed.

City Spidey took up the matter with RK Agarwal, project manager of Jal Nigam. He said, "The repeated leakages were caused by heavy water pressure in the lines. The work was completed two days back."

When asked why the hole had been left open after repair work was over, he said, "We wanted to check if the pipe was still leaking. If the problem persists, we will look for a more permanent solution, such as replacing the line."

He also assured that the hole would be levelled off immediately.