Diwali guidelines for Delhi residents
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Diwali guidelines for Delhi residents

Firecrackers(green) can be bursted/lighted only between 8 PM and 10 PM on Diwali

Diwali guidelines for Delhi residents

As the festival of Diwali is just round the corner, everyone is excited to celebrate it to the fullest, especially after two years of restrictive celebration. However, there are some guidelines that one has to keep in mind and follow during the celebrations. Apart from the ban on firecrackers, the residents of Delhi have to abide by certain rules. Here are a few of the guidelines issued by Delhi Police-

  • Only ‘Green’ crackers (Reduced emission firecrackers) can be manufactured and sold by Licensed Traders/vendors. No other firecracker is allowed to be manufactured, sold and lighted/bursted.
  • Online sale of firecrackers is not allowed. Both, buyers and sellers shall be prosecuted.
  • Firecrackers(green) can be bursted/lighted only between 8 PM and 10 PM on Diwali Days.
  • Fire crackers can be lighted only in pre designated places/areas and at no other place;
  • Firecrackers cannot be lighted in any society premises, house, DDA pockets, village, street etc if those places are not pre designated for community fireworks.
  • Any violation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court orders shall be dealt with legally. Action may be initiatedunder Explosives Act, 1884, Explosives Rules, 2008, Section 146(1) of Delhi Police Act 1978, Explosive Substance Act 1908, Air(prevention and Control of Pollution)Act 1981, Environment(Protection)Act 1986, 188 IPC and Contempt of Court proceedings etc.
  • Purchase those firecrackers only which are approved and certified by the (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization) PESO.
  • Firecrackers shall not be lighted and burst in any silence zone
  • Report every violation of the Hon’ble S.C orders reg. firecrackers to concerned SHO.
  • The orders passed by the Hon’ble SC are law of the land and everybody is bound to comply with it. Ignorance of order is no excuse. The Violator would be dealt legally

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