5 traditional dishes for Chatt Puja 2022
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5 traditional dishes for Chatt Puja 2022

One such prasad made on the day of Sandhya Arghya for Chhath Puja is kasar ke laddu

5 traditional dishes for Chatt Puja 2022

With Nahai-Khai, Chhath Puja 2022 has officially started. The 4-day long festival is associated with worshipping the sun God for the well-being of loved ones. Women wake up early on the day to offer Lord Surya water and flowers, and later, fast for the sake of their children. For this festival, a variety of foods are prepared as offerings, including laddu, thekua, and kheer.

We have compiled a list of 5 traditional recipes. These can easily be prepared as bhog and prasad. We have also listed dishes that are traditionally prepared for the day.


During Chhath Puja, thekua is the most popular and important dish because it's the main prasad of this puja. It is a dry sweet and is made with wheat flour, dried coconut, melted sugar, and ghee. Thekua is mostly prepared on the second day of Chhath before being served to the Sun God.

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Kaddu Bhaat

Chhath is where this fantastic sabzi Kaddu Bhaat is most loved by people. It is made with Kaddu/Lauki and fried in ghee with sendha namak. The combination of this delectable sabzi with chapatti, poori, or rice makes it the ideal dish to break the fast with.

Hara Chana

The Chhath-specific thali includes excellent dishes like hara chana. Green chana is served in ghee with a few green chillies and cumin seeds after being soaked in water overnight. This taste best with hot chapatti and lots of ghee.

Kasar Ke Laddu

One such prasad made on the day of Sandhya Arghya for Chhath Puja is kasar ke laddu. There is another sweet created in addition to thekua and rice kheer. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and is simple to create. Rice powder, jaggery powder, ghee, and fennel are the ingredients.

Rasiyaw with Puri/Roti

Rasiyaw is essentially rice kheer, but it contains jaggery instead of sugar. It is made almost exactly like traditional kheer using milk, water, and rice. The Chhath puja feast is finished with this dessert. It is also served as bhog. It complements Dal Puri/Puri/Roti the finest.