Dwarka: Sector 8, B-Block parks cry for administrative attentive
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Dwarka: Sector 8, B-Block parks cry for administrative attentive

Residents and the RWA Sector 8, Block B, Dwarka have written a letter to the MCD

Dwarka: Sector 8, B-Block parks cry for administrative attentive

Dwarka: Barren land, defunct lights, damaged walking tracks and overflooding dustbins, are only some of the problems in sector 8 parks. Public parks are spaces where residents can come close to nature in an otherwise concrete jungle. However, the parks in sector 8, Block B barely serve the same purpose for the area residents. There are two parks opposite each other and both can be seen in poor condition.

CitySpidey visited the sector 8 Dwarka parks to know the ground reality. We witnessed barren land, broken boundaries and unhygienic toilets. According to area residents, the condition has been deplorable for the past few years. Regarding this, the residents and the RWA Sector 8, Block B, Dwarka also wrote a letter to the MCD raising the issue of the poor condition of the parks in Block B sector 8. Residents alleged that the contractors are not taking their responsibilities seriously. No actions have been taken despite their complaints.

Several factors are preventing residents from visiting the park. CitySpidey found the condition of the park toilets to be utterly poor. While the female toilet was locked, the male toilet was so unhygienic that no one can dare use it. Apart from this, the backside road of the park has become a dump yard where people put their home's waste. Kids were seen jumping across the wall which can prove dangerous.


Moreover, there is one small drain beside the park which is not connected to the water body. This creates a foul stench near the park and makes it a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Area residents highlight that parks do not have ample grass, and the trees are in dire need of sprucing. They say that they cannot go to the park after dark after the lights are now covered with outgrown leaves. Some residents also allege that open consumption of liquor and drugs also takes place during the evening which poses a threat to their security.

We talked to some area residents to know their views-

BS Tripathi (69), RWA secretary of Dwarka Sector 8, B block says "This park was taken over by MCD horticulture in the year 2016. Since then no one is taking care of it. RWA and all residents filed many complaints and tried talking to MCD but nothing has happened. The condition of men's toilets is very bad, no one can go and use them because of the smell and unhygienic condition. The ladies' toilet is locked and the trash is never cleared."

BS Tripathi

He added, " The park becomes unsafe in the late hours. Some people buy liquor and consume it here. The Police should look into the matter as this is a threat to our security."

Harpal Singh Dhaka (70), RWA president and resident of Dwarka Sector 8, B block says " The condition of both parks is terrible. There is no greenery and no cleanliness is an issue in the small park. On the other hand, there are several other issues with the bigger park. The hut sheet of this park is broken, the walk pathways are not made properly, the ladies' toilet is locked, men's toilet has become the house of dogs and mosquitos. The open drain is a major issue which is a potential threat for Dengue."

Harpal Singh Dhaka

Tilak Raj (84), a resident of Dwarka sector 8, B block says "As a senior citizen, I come here to sit under the sun and spend some time with my friends. The overall condition of the park and this area is bad. Also, what if I want to use the loo in an emergency, where will I go? I think authorities need to pay attention and needs to do something for our area as soon as possible."

Tilak Raj
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