Mehendi design ideas for the wedding season
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Mehendi design ideas for the wedding season

Simple yet elegant Pakistani mehendi designs are quite the trend these days

Mehendi design ideas for the wedding season

Mehendi is one of the Solah Shringar that ladies use during celebrations and important events. The wedding season is one such celebration when ladies get their palms and feet coloured with aesthetic henna designs.

Mehendi is said to have its beginnings in Egypt, and Egyptian travellers who subsequently brought it to India. The Egyptian sovereigns utilized Henna for colouring their hair and nails. Mehendi isn't just lovely but also has socio-cultural relevance in India and is also said to have health benefits.

As you may know, the current world has a multitude of mehendi designs from all over the world. CitySpidey comes to your rescue to guide you in the trending mehendi designs. Look out at these tremendous types of designs and choose your vibe wisely.

Arabic Mehendi

The Arab society has introduced the Arabic Mehendi design to the world. The designs are not similar to Indian mehendi. These sets of designs are more interesting than any other patterns of mehendi. Apart from the mainstream Mehendi, it includes leafy motifs, cashew designs, dome-shaped and architectural beauty.

This stylish layout is becoming a favourite among young women and brides ladies who like to experiment with unique fashion trends. Arabic mehendi is also called Mughlai mehendi.

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Indo- Arabic Mehendi

Fusion is a tremendous way of bringing the best quality of two worlds together. The Indo Arabic mehendi designs for arms are the classic example of this

These fusion mehendi designs are a show-off of the quality of Indian and Arabic designs. Indo Arabic mehendi designs for arms frequently function as a pairing of Indian floral styles and birds with Arabic cashew and shading.

Indian Mehendi

Indian mehendi designs are complex and condensed at an equal time. The detailing is near finesse, and each detail of the layout holds exquisite meaning.

These designs are very famous all through traditional celebrations like Diwali and Karva Chauth. They are also a leading design on weddings. Indian mehndi designs function stunning artwork stimulated through earth, nature and emotions. Birds and animals, the sun, Kalash, bride and groom figures are regularly featured in Indian wedding ceremony mehndi designs.

Pakistani Mehendi

There are numerous similarities among the Indian and Pakistani Mehndi patterns. However, this specific design includes the use of more domes, flowers and leaves.

Like Indian mehendi, Pakistani mehendi layout sometimes shows mandala styles too. This fashion is likewise substantially inspired with the aid of using Arabic designs.

Moroccan Mehendi

Morocco Mehendi takes inspiration from tribal trademarks and designs. Moroccan mehendi designs resemble many ancient tattoo paintings due to their zig-zag borders,  geometric sweeps, and unorthodox beautification. The famous discern of Moroccan mehendi designs is Diamond shapes in unique amity.

They are a fabulous take at the conventional mehendi artwork. Suppose you want to strive for something different this Karva Chauth, you may move for jaali detailing for elegant and fashionable minimum Moroccan designs.

Western Mehendi

The Western Mehendi designs are pretty different from their desi cousins. They feature geometric shapes, quirky patterns and often imitate hand jewellery like the bracelet mehendi, chandelier mehendi and other attractive mehendi designs.

Rajasthani Mehendi

Rajasthani mehendi designs embody numerous blocks in a rectangular, square, or zigzag shape. The complete Mehendi design receives a great appeal and is delightful with symmetrical blocks. Little floral and leaf snapshots enlarge the whole mehendi look, within the Rajasthani designs.