Home remedies to deal with sinus pain in Winters
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Home remedies to deal with sinus pain in Winters

It's important to keep a check on your health especially during seasonal changes

Home remedies to deal with sinus pain in Winters

Winter is a difficult time for sinus patients. The cool breeze and drop in temperature might dry out your sinuses, causing congestion and thickening mucus. Additionally, this may cause sinus pressure and headache.

When a disorder causes fluid to accumulate in the sinuses, it obstructs your breathing resulting in sinus congestion. The most typical cause of sinus congestion is a virus or cold, but a bacterial infection can also occasionally be to blame. During weather changes and especially in winter, it's important to keep a check on your health. There are many home remedies that a person can try to help relieve sinus congestion.

Staying hydrated

When winter starts the intake of water or liquid which our body needs automatically decreases. During sinus congestion, the mucous membranes may swell up and become inflamed. However, maintaining hydration helps support the membrane's function properly. Water and other fluids should be consumed in large quantities to help with sinus congestion symptoms.


Inhaling steam can help in maintaining the moisture in the mucus membrane. This is one of the important things which you can do in winter to fight this problem. This might facilitate sinus drainage and lessen the feelings of congestion. Showering in really hot water and inhaling the steam may help clear sinuses and reduce discomfort. A humidifier can be used for the same thing as well.

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Applying warm, wet towels

The swelling and inflammation caused by sinus congestion may be reduced by pressing a warm wet cloth to your face or nose. Breathing in moist air can help in maintaining moisture. Also, you can soak a towel in warm water, squeeze out the excess water, and drape it over your face in a way so you can breathe comfortably too for 2-3 minutes can give instant relief.

Raising the head during sleep

An individual may place some comfortable pillows to lift their head while sleeping to help clear the sinus obstructions at night. During the night when the temperature goes down the chances of congestion increase and a person may find difficulty sleeping. So, it is important to sleep in the right posture to avoid sinus pain.

Trying a neti pot

Small teapot-shaped tools called neti pots allow patients to fill their nasal cavities with a salt-water solution. It preserves the mucous membranes' moisture and healthy function and may help alleviate the signs and symptoms of sinus congestion. It is essential to carefully follow directions.

Eat spicy food

Some people discover that spicy foods, such as hot mustard or peppers, assist to open up their nasal passages and reduce some of the pressure and pain associated with their sinuses. The primary compound in chilli peppers, capsicum helps in sinus congestion. You can eat garlic and red chilly chutney which is served with momos.

Take rest

Get plenty of sleep, especially in the early stages of a cold or the flu. It enables your body to focus its energies on battling the infection. Your body feels irritated during sinus pain and it becomes necessary to take plenty of rest. So, if needed take a blanket and take a power nap.