This Winter, turn your apples into a dessert
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This Winter, turn your apples into a dessert

The holiday season is about to begin

This Winter, turn your apples into a dessert

With Winter here, the freshest and crunchiest apples have arrived in the markets. Moreover, the holiday season is here calling for delectable and savoury desserts.  This Winter, come together, buy some apples and get your oven mits on.

Apple is evergreen! One of the most low-effort fruits that you can just wash and eat, however, you can make apples interesting. How, you ask? Well, I’ve pulled together a collection of delicious and irresistible apple recipes for you to try. Crunchy, juicy and sweet, apples are a wonderfully versatile ingredient; they can be used in all sorts of ways, from mouth-watering pies, crumbles, cookies, and jellies to savoury salads and soups. Apples make a great addition to any dish and they pair so well with warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom or with cheese and nuts.

Make the most of your apples with these sweet and savoury apple recipes, your family will love them and your kitchen will be filled with a lovely cosy scent.

1. Apple Tart

The classic French Apple Tart (Tarte aux Pommes) gives you a double dose of apples. It begins with a pre-baked Sweet Pastry Crust. This  has a wonderfully crisp texture and a sweet buttery flavour. A layer of lightly sweetened apple sauce that is topped with artfully arranged apple slices.  You can serve this Apple Tart warm with vanilla ice cream or a dollop of softly whipped cream.

2. Bom Chount Wangan

Bom Chount Wangan - exotic sounding names for this easy and very tasty Kashmiri Green Apple Brinjal Curry. Gets made in no time at all and the flavours of the tart green apple added to that of the fried brinjal make for a very different eggplant curry.

3. Caramel Apple Nachos

Apple nachos are one of our favourite snacks for fall. Whether you're looking for a smart tailgating recipe or a Netflix & chill recipe, these don't get any easier. You simply layer slices of apples on a platter, top with whatever candy you love and then drizzle with  caramel sauce and melted white chocolate.

4. Apple Halwa

Apple Halwa is a traditional North Indian recipe and is a flavourful sweet dish that you can make for festivals like Navratri and Ram Navami. This popular dessert recipe is made of apple, milk and dry fruits and is truly delicious and healthy. If you are bored of having the usual atta or sooji halwa, then this recipe will definitely offer a different experience to your taste buds. Kids would also love to  gorge on this lip-smacking and unique sweet dish.

5. Apple Pie

Master the art of nailing the classic, all-favourite pie. This has a double crust pie with cinnamon-flavoured apple filling; you can finish with a raisin relish. A delectable breakfast meal to relish with family and friends.

What are you waiting for? Try all these amazing apple dishes at home!!