Grenowest- Again a lift scare, now in Nirala Aspire
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Grenowest- Again a lift scare, now in Nirala Aspire

The traumatic video of the child was caught on CCTV

Grenowest- Again a lift scare, now in Nirala Aspire

Cases of ill-maintained lifts resulting in residents getting stuck are increasing in the capital. The last episode happened on the evening of December 2, 2022. 8-year-old Vivan Das got stuck in the society lift for more than 10 minutes. Later, a family friend randomly opened the gate and rescued the boy. The traumatic video of the child was caught on CCTV.

In the video, the child can be seen traumatised as he bangs on doors and desperately seeks help. 

Priyanshu Das, father of Vivan Das informs, “On Friday, my son Vivan (8) who resides on the 14th floor, while returning from tuition was stuck between the 4th and 5th  floor for more than 10 minutes. Vivan shouted for help, pressed the bell button, and banged on the doors, but no one helped him. He was very scared and started crying."

Priyanshu Das says that society lift has been long defunct. He says, “This is not done. Earlier also we have seen problems in the lift. That time I was coming down with my mother-in-law, and the lift almost fell from the top floor."

Amrita and Priyanshu with their son Viivaan

Amrita Das, Mother of Vivan says, “It was a nightmare to see our son get stuck in the lift and cry like that. The maintenance staff has been saying that the lift was perfect but my son got stuck as he had his cycle. Lifts have sensor gates that cannot get close if a cycle gets stuck. We are demanding the CCTV display in the lobby so that no other kid suffers what we have suffered.”

After the incident, there is visible anger among society residents who demand answers from the maintenance team.The residents met the Facility Manager and presented four demands.
1- There should be a wide display of the lift CCTV in the lobby area. So if anyone gets stuck in the lift,
 residents find out.
2- Action should be taken against the defaulter in every case.
3- The security staff should be changed.
4- Apology letter from the maintenance department.

Rajiv Goyal, a resident of Nirala Aspire says, “We all have kids, and now we are afraid to send them in lifts alone. The kid was stuck for more than 10 minutes. One can only imagine what could have happened during these 10 minutes.”

Shashi Umrendra, a resident of Nirala Aspire says, “ I am a cyclist myself and carry cycle many times in the lift. Never has it happened that the lift gets stuck because of it. This statement from the maintenance is just lame that the cycle was stuck so it happened. A strict check should be done."

Ankur Shukla, a resident of Nirala Aspire says, “There is no security protocol in our society. We have raised a few demands to the maintenance."

Ankit Ojha, a resident of Nirala Aspire says, “Training should be given to the children and the elderly by security people so that in such conditions, one can rescue themselves."

CitySpidey contacted Amir Azmi, the facility manager of Nirala Aspire. He says, “ We give the lift company about 40 lakh rupees per year for the maintenance of the 34 lifts installed in Nirala Aspire. We have contacted the company to conduct a check. As the team reaches, we will take the report and will share it with the residents."

He continues, "We have asked the guards to be very cautious and not leave their seats. If they need to go to the washroom, they will inform and another guard will sit till they return. The Display for the lift CCTV will be installed soon in the lobby."