Meet Adesh S, 6-year-old child prodigy who can recite 195 countries in 3 minutes
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Meet Adesh S, 6-year-old child prodigy who can recite 195 countries in 3 minutes

His achievements have been recorded by national and international honours

Meet Adesh S, 6-year-old child prodigy who can recite 195 countries in 3 minutes

6 years old Adesh S, a student of Assisi Convent School, sector 33, Noida has become a sensation in Noida and in the country. He can not only recognise flags of 195 countries but also recite them in just 3 minutes.

Adesh S

His achievements have been recorded by national and international honours such as the India Book of Records and  Kalam's World Records. He has been awarded for identifying the flags of UN-recognized 195 countries and recalling their names in just 3 minutes and 10 seconds at the age of 5 years and 5 months as confirmed on March 12, 2022.

Adesh born in Palakkad, Noida, a resident of NTPC Shubham Society in Sector 33, is a favourite in his society not only because of his knowledge but also because of his charming smile. At 6, he can fluently speak English, Hindi and Malayalam.

While talking about this extraordinary feat, the child prodigy says, "I studied about flags 2 hours every day in my room. The record I have made for this has been made only with the help of my parents. Mummy had made a sheet and pasted the photos of the world. I prepared for two months."

Adesh who studies in class 1 says that his favourite subjects are mathematics and GK. Moreover, he studies for 6 hours every day, and his parents help him. When he grows up, Adesh wants to become a successful businessman.

Sathish S, Adesh's father says, "Adesh is fond of travelling and perhaps this gave him an interest in flags. Adesh wants to become a businessman when he grows up. It is his inborn talent. On seeing his interest in the flags, we brought flashcards, and books of flags for him. He later requested a big book of flags that we ordered for him."

Cijimone, a neighbour of Adhesh S says, "We know Adesh from his birth. He is truly gifted. He can learn anything very quickly. Plus, the kid is very likeable."

About the studies and development of interest in Flags, Satish says, "It is been from 1 -2 years, he keeps demanding every country's name, details etc. Keeping his interests in mind, we ordered many books online, and he pastes flags in his room and looks at them every day. He explains the flags to everyone. He shares his knowledge with his friends".