Emenox La Solara: Residents protest against steep maintenance charge hike
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Emenox La Solara: Residents protest against steep maintenance charge hike

There are four towers in the Society, but people are dwelling in only B and E towers

Emenox La Solara: Residents protest against steep maintenance charge hike

GreNo West: Miffed with the steep maintenance charge hike and agonizing wait for an amicable solution, residents of Emenox La Solara, a residential society in Greater Noida West, protested against the builder. They agitated over the sudden hike in maintenance charge. They alleged that the builder has increased the maintenance charge of the society without having any discussion and consent from them.

Calling this move “unjust and arbitrary in nature”, they said that they will not pay the increased maintenance charge. They alleged that without taking the residents of the society into confidence and divulging any detail, the builder has just doubled the charges unilaterally.

There are four towers in the Society, but people are dwelling in only B and E towers. Construction work of the third tower is already complete and soon possession will be given, while fourth one is still under construction.

Residents alleged that one tower is ready to be sold, but the builder is not selling saying the OC is still awaited. And, he will sell the other one at a high price. “We are having a harrowing time because of the dust and we are living in fear,” they added.

They also alleged that children’s play area is uncongenial and not maintained regularly. “At the time of selling of the flats, builder had promised a grand play area for our kids. But it is a sorry state of affairs as neither there are swings nor seats for the elderly people to sit on,” they further said.

Sudhansu Dutt, a resident of Emenox La Solara, says, “There is only one swing and nothing else. We were promised a big park with a big arena but there are no amenities for our children. Where will they go to play? Our kids remain indoor as there is lots of dust outside in the playzone.”

In this 4-towered society, two towers are still under construction. Residents are apprehensive of any chunk falling on them. They complained that neither the towers are covered with geotextile cloth nor they are following the NGT norms.

Residents demonstrating the protest

Kuldeep, another resident says, “There is nothing in the park. Only half portion of the park is usable whereas the rest portion is full of dust and construction material lying there. Where will children go to play or the elderly go for a walk?”

They also complained about the increased gym charges and “sub-standard materials being used.” Harendra Singh, a native of the area says, “We are bound to pay Rs. 1,180 per person per month for the gym charges. Nowhere happens like this!”

Residents said, “Roofs are getting cracked and the walls are getting damaged because of the sub-standard material used in the construction.” Sunder Pal, another resident says, “The possession was given very late still. Yet we said nothing, thinking that good construction takes time. But we are surprised to see that now the walls are falling and the plaster can fall on our heads anytime.”

Sudhansu further says, “We have paid 2-year maintenance charge in advance to the builder. But, he never said that he will increase the charge further. He just doubled the maintenance charges and now per month, we are paying Rs. 5000 as maintenance charges which do not include the club charges. As far as availing the facilities is concerned, nothing has been given in the name of maintenance. We are at  loss. We feel ditched buying a house here.”

“The covered car parking and the open car parking area is satuarated. And, now the builder has allotted the “walkable spaces” as the parking. Residents are saying who will be responsible in case anything untoward happens! What will be the exit plan in case of fire?”

There are also problems with the registries. Residents have shifted, but the builder is not helping with the registry. The people who have bought flats on resale are not able to get the registries done. The builder has allegedly taken Rs 5 Lakh and “still not working on it”.

Kuldeep, a resident says, “We had our discussions with the builder earlier too. But this time, he increased the maintenance just double. Services have not been provided, what I was promised for.”

However, they have threatened that is the builder is not taking our call for protest seriously and act accordingly, then we will be forced to march to the builder’s office. Priyanshu Chauhan, another resident also questioned this move.

Anil Gupta, Facility Manager, Emenox La Solara Society told CitySpidey, “The tower has been covered with the geotextile cloth, and it will be completed this week. Plaster work is going on, flats are far and everything will be solved soon. There is no issue with parking area. No falling of plaster has been noticed so far. It was just dried-up paint. As the residents do not complain timely about the seepage, due to this a layer of paint gets off and falls.”