Budget of Rs 104 Cr approved for govt hospitals to procure general medicines
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Budget of Rs 104 Cr approved for govt hospitals to procure general medicines

Hospitals have been directed to share every detail of bed capacities, ventilators, ICU and more

Budget of Rs 104 Cr approved for govt hospitals to procure general medicines

New Delhi: Following the surge in COVID cases globally, the Delhi Government has alerted all its hospitals and directed them to ramp up the preparations for potential COVID cases that might be reported in the future.

In view of the same, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia held a review meeting with directors and medical superintendents of government hospitals. 

He directed the hospital heads to assess all the COVID-related requirements at their hospitals in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI and share the updated list with the health department. At the same time, the Delhi Government has approved a budget of Rs 104 crores for government hospitals for procurement of general medicines and preparation for any emergency situation.

While taking stock of the COVID arrangements at the hospital, Sisodia said, “Surge in COVID cases globally is a matter of concern for everyone. Following the situation, hospitals need to prepare themselves well in advance. They have been directed to share the details of the bed capacities, ventilators, facilities in the ICU, number of doctors and nurses, oxygen plants, field staff and permitted medicines with the health department by this evening.” 

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He added that past experiences with COVID waves have been a source of insights and learning for the Delhi government and will help the government prepare better for the future. Hospitals have been told to remain vigilant about all the preparation and potential cases. Along with this, the Delhi government will ensure that all required public health measures are put in place to meet any emergencies.

Sisodia said, “As per the directions of the Government of India, a mock drill is being organised in all the hospitals today (Tuesday, December 27) to ensure operational readiness of these health facilities for the management of COVID. In case of any gaps, the matter is being undertaken immediately by the concerned health department officials.” 

It is to be noted that the focus of the mock drill is on assessing bed capacities, human resource capacity, referral resources, the testing capacity of hospitals, medical logistics, telemedicine services, medical oxygen, etc.

Apart from the operational preparations for COVID, following the needs of the situation, the Delhi Government has approved funds of Rs 104 crores to the government hospitals to stock up medicines of importance. The funds were approved by Manish Sisodia a meeting with the directors and medical superintendents of hospitals along with senior officials of the health department. 

Sisodia said, “This amount of Rs 104 crores has been approved by the government to ensure that there is no shortage of any medicines in the government hospitals and they are well prepared for any situation of emergency in advance.”