Service lanes without street lights a major concern in Dwarka
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Service lanes without street lights a major concern in Dwarka

City Spidey is starting a series of articles to highlight the issue of dark lanes & roads in Dwarka

Service lanes without street lights a major concern in Dwarka

Dwarka: The recent incident of Kanjhawala and the darkness in stretches there, mentioned in various media reports, have raised questions on the civic bodies in making the roads and lanes safer.

When you happen to visit Dwarka and roam in the area using its service lanes, you would notice that most of the lanes are without street lights. After sunset such service lanes become a place for anti social elements and prone to any incident of crime. 

Such service lanes can be seen easily anywhere in the city. SK Singh, a resident of Sector 3, says, “You can see near Astha Kunj Sector 3 and opposite to that in Sector 13 that both sides of the service lanes are in dark. The corner of the service lane near vacant land has become a safe haven of hooligans. If there is any provision of light, the stretch could become safer. The subject has been raised several times in the meetings with police and civic bodies but still no improvement is there.”

As gathered from the officials of DDA and the RWAs in the area, when the sub city was planned lights were given to the central verge according to the planning. There was no provision of lights in the service lanes. The service lanes had to be illuminated through the lights from the electric poles on central verge of the main roads. 

But with the time the plantation along the service lanes have grown up and now almost all the service lanes are in dark. Hooligans and anti social elements use the service lanes for consumption of liquor or other wrong activities. Some incidents were also reported of snatching of purse, chain and watches when the office goers were returning to their societies.

Some of the societies or the public representatives have made efforts and few LED bulbs have been provided in some Sectors like Sector 9, Sector 6 etc for the security of the societies along the service lane. 

Also in some other sectors, few street light poles in the device lanes have been erected yet they are without fittings. Also in most of the parts of the sub city the service lanes are without any light and fully or partially in darkness. 

President of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9 and resident of Ganpati Apartments, Advocate Dr KS Bhati says, “The service lanes in the sub city are most unsafe place. We somehow managed some poles in our service lanes but the authorities should think over the issue seriously and the service lanes should be properly illuminated.”

At some places the service lanes are completely in dark and those stretches are isolated. Such stretch in device lane can be seen in Sector 12, Sector 17, Sector 18 and Sector 16. On the subject officials from civic bodies said that they were making efforts to give a solution to the problem.