These lifestyle habits are damaging your eyes
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These lifestyle habits are damaging your eyes

The eyes should be washed with room temperature water or cold water.

These lifestyle habits are damaging your eyes

Our eyes are one of the most important organs of our body, but are we doing enough to take care of them? Lately, The increased screen time, watching television, mobile phones and sitting in front of computers have adversely affected the health of our eyes. This increased screen time by digitalisation has increased the exposure time of fraught. This can lead to several diseases like eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and so on.

Dr Gayatri, (Ayurveda) who is associated with Sanjeevani Ayurveda in Dwarka Sector 13, says, "Too much exposure to heat, increased screen time and irregular sleep cycle has been a huge problem nowadays. Simpling including some good habits and avoiding bad ones can be helpful for our eyes. Practising Tratak, gargling with warm water, foot massage, timely sound sleep, good green vegetables and not overthinking, keeping yourself calm and changing these small habits in your life are what we all need to do for good care".

Dr Gayatri

Some simple lifestyle changes can save you from damaging your most valuable organ. Here are 5 lifestyle changes you must do to save your eyes from damage.

Overusing eye drops

Many of us take medicines for every small thing and develop a habit of relying on medicines. We often overuse medicines for instant relief. Eye drops used for pain or irritation relief can be beneficial for a small period but in long run can affect your eyes. Try to use something organic which does not have side effects or visit the doctor for expert advice.

Not blinking enough

Blinking is a very helpful exercise, it helps in giving the break the eyes required and does not let them get dry by lubricating them. It also cleanses toxins from your eyes. Experts say that when we are focused on our mobile phones or glued to the computer we forget to blink often and hence can pressure the eyes.

Washing with warm water

Especially in the winter season, we prefer warm water to wash our face and eyes which is not advisable. The eyes should be washed with room temperature water or cold water.

Sleeping with eye masks

We may enjoy using an eye mask providing us with comfort and warmth but our eyes do not like it. Experts say that we must leave our eyes open to let them breathe in the night.

Rubbing your eyes

Whenever we face any kind of irritation or pain the very first thing we do is rub our eyes unconsciously. It is a guilty practising which has become our habit but should be changed. Rubbing our eyes can damage sensitive organs so you must be conscious when dealing with them.