Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar, yeh ghar bahut haseen hai…
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Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar, yeh ghar bahut haseen hai…

With proper planning and modern techniques, you can decorate your house as per your wish

Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar, yeh ghar bahut haseen hai…

New Delhi: Who can ever say ‘no’ to a big house? But, the life in a Metro city isn’t that easy and affording a spacious house is too challenging. Circumstances in the city sometimes compel us to adjust to small houses with lesser spaces. At times, it becomes claustrophobic and uncomfortable for us.

But, small houses do not mean that you cannot fulfil your dreams of decorating your house. With proper planning and modern techniques you can do all the things you wish. 

Here are 5 tips for a spacious house:

Madhu Dagar, director of Tatva interior and a resident of Crescent Apartments Sector 18A, Dwarka shares her expert advice on the home interior to make it look spacious with CitySpidey. She says, “Interior of the house represents the personality of the residents. Everyone loves to make their home look beautiful and spacious. By adding some simple things like mirrors in the narrow lobby, lighting the house properly and utilising the odd spaces properly, that is what I personally have done at my home too.”

Madhu Dagar

Reflection works magic

Mirror works really magic when we talk about spacing in a house. Putting mirrors on the walls, especially on the narrow walls of the house enhances the beauty of the house. Invest in some beautiful mirrors, of different shapes and sizes.

Use your bed’s box as an almirah

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Managing your stuff can be a real task and having too many almirahs can occupy a quite good space. Instead, use your furniture in multiple ways. Use your bed’s box as an almirah to keep your rarely used items.

Use sliding doors to get more space

“Instead of using a wall to define the area, use a shelf or structure making a maximum utilisation of the space just like I have done at my home,” says Madhu Dagar. She has made an open kitchen by diving the living room and kitchen with a counter. You can also do the same or use sliding doors which will give you more space.

Lighter colour palate to make room look broader

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Use a lighter colour palate and make your room look broader. Light colours reflect light as you have read in your physics book. Well, it is time to apply some physics in real life. Use some baby pink, shades of white and blue. Using monochromatic furniture will make easy eye movement and make the illusion of more space in the room.

Stow away awkward corners


There are some corners which are not of any use and steal the beauty of the room. To avoid such issues, do the proper utilisation of those corners. Place a table lamp, a flower vase or a movable bookshelf. Make sure your house has good exposure to the natural view and sunlight. It will fill your house with fresh air and energy, and the view outside will again create an illusion of space in the house.