City Spidey scores!
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City Spidey scores!

City Spidey Impact: How a news report pushed DMRC officials into an overdrive. Residents are overjoyed. So are we!

City Spidey scores!

City Spidey, the friendly-neighbourhood website, may be taking its first baby steps, but it is already making an impact. And how!

Residents of Mecon Apartments (Sector 62, Noida) were worried about the crowd and ruckus that a planned Metro exit right in front of the society gates would bring.

Within a day of City Spidey publishing the news, DMRC officials sprang into action to address the issue. 

"We have received a positive response from the officials," said  PR Chandna, Secretary of RWA. 

Needless to say, Mecon residents are grateful. Proof? Chandna posted a heartfelt thank-you note on City Spidey's Facebook page.

The Spidey is flattered!