SurajKund Mela is an incredible display place of ethnic traditions
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SurajKund Mela is an incredible display place of ethnic traditions

Surajkund Mela is an International congregation with a constant flow of diverse cultural traditions

SurajKund Mela is an incredible display place of ethnic traditions

Faridabad: Surajkund Mela, a place full of exuberance is basically a vivid showcase of cultural and artistic accomplishment of various Indian states and other countries as well. Positive vibrations will flow in your senses the moment you step into the premises and you are bound to feel that this place is diverse. All creative representations are simply beyond the ordinary level and these are portraying the rich cultural past of each and every participating country of the world.

This year Surajkund Mela is based on the theme of North East India which is famously known for its distinctive nature. North East India has a strong bonding with the oriental culture with so many unexplored facts that has made this part of the country little more mysterious and interesting. Surajkund Mela is a lively gathering of people from diverse regions, states and nations with flavors of their past and present. Foreign visitors who enjoy the colorful Indian gatherings are more frequent here along with natives. In the midst of the entire hustle and bustle, you may come across some street performers who are giving a taste of local culture through traditional music and dance. 

A main attraction of the Mela is the Folk music from Rajasthan and Haryana being performed by musicians using traditional Indian instruments. This Rajasthani folk music belongs to traditional Indian gharana which soothes your senses and make you feel overjoyed with its uniqueness. 

Another attraction of the Mela is African and Nigerian performers who are very enthusiastic and they keep on dancing to the rhythm of drums. A different kind of rhythm will make you feel so vigorous that you may start shaking your body with the performers. A huge stage has been built up in the Mela premises so that people from all over the world may come and show off their cultural performances. You may watch musicians and dancers who are dressed in their traditional attire.

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