Care for your mental health with these tips
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Care for your mental health with these tips

Avoiding self-pity and taking pride in yourself are healthier

Care for your mental health with these tips

If you're having any trouble with your mental health, it would be best to talk to your loved ones or a therapist. However, at times opening up to a stranger may not be the easiest thing to do. According to the National Mental Health Programme, approximately 6% to 7% of the Indian population suffers from mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Have trust in oneself

All of us have certain traits and characteristics. Our sense of self-worth sets us apart from others. Avoiding self-pity and taking pride in yourself is healthier. Adopt the notion of self-love and use these strategies to enhance your mental health and feel better.

Shows gratitude

Being thankful for all the good things in life is always a good idea. It would be very beneficial to cultivate gratitude and value positive experiences.

Take initiative

Being proactive will help you deal with challenging and stressful situations. If you take initiative, perseverance, and adaptability become positive qualities. With this, you can deal with any issue successfully.

Belief in loved ones and friends

Strong family ties and encouraging friends can make it easier to handle life's stresses. They can give you sound advice to keep you grounded. Calls, online conversations, or in-person meetings can be helpful. Stay in touch with your loved ones at all times.

Positive results

Take a break from anything negative to maintain a logical and rational outlook. Changing your way of thinking will result in rewarding feelings and payback. It aids in preventing rage and grief.


When you meditate, you experience calmness and peace, which is good for your mental health. You can also try to relax and manage stress by concentrating on something tranquil.

Give up smoking and drinking

Do you drink a little alcohol to cheer yourself up? Some people believe that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes will make them feel better or help them deal with loneliness. However, these behaviors are bad for your health. To deal with difficult times, try to choose alternative strategies.


Humans are social creatures, and socialization plays a role in developing positive interpersonal relationships. To deal with stressful situations, you need social support.