Little green corner at home will make you feel delighted and cheerful always
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Little green corner at home will make you feel delighted and cheerful always

A handkerchief garden at home might prove to the best place to brighten up your mind

Little green corner at home will make you feel delighted and cheerful always

Green is such a colour that generates a positive impact in our mind forever and it gives a sense of comfort to our eyes. Whenever you experience stress, loneliness or little depression and feel like sitting in peaceful and quiet place then a garden might prove to be the best place to calm your mind. Although in a city of concrete and stones, greenery is hardly visible and gardens are far away still we feel the necessity of a tranquil place of our own. You can create your own handkerchief garden at home which will calm the mind and make you feel contented and cheery even in a negative situation. With the positive state of mind you may spread happiness all over and a little green corner often called as handkerchief garden, will do the needful.

So all you need to do is just make you mind and find out the best place for you green corner where you can just sit alone and think peacefully or you may unwind yourself to get rid of your stress and anxiety. You may discuss with friends or play indoor games with your family members, so you ca do whatever you wish to.

How to create your green place:

A shaded or open balcony or a little lobby will be the best choice for your handkerchief garden. If you have a spacious drawing room with a broad window then you may choose one part of it to turn into greenery. If you are lucky enough to own a terrace then it will be the best place perhaps.

You may buy a green grass carpet in square shape or in rectangular shape which will create the concept of grass field. Nowadays artificial grass is also available and it gives you a real grass feeling.

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Need to get some beautifully painted earthen pots for your plants as these are best for plants healthy growth. There are other options as well. There are attractive stone pots and wooden pots as well. Plastic pots are also available but these are unhealthy for plants but you may use pot holder made of plastic. There are hanging pot holders which will give your garden a very unique appearance. 

Gather some natural stones like sandstones, coloured marble stones or granite pebbles in different size and shape and spread them on the grass carpet to create a natural ambience.

There are lots of interior plants which may grow easily inside the room and creates attractive looks for your indoor. These beautiful plants need less sunlight and little water. They can adjust themselves both inside and outside. You may go for Snake Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Spider Plant, Weeping Fig, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Boston Fern, Baby Rubber Plant, Pothos, Money Plant Flamingo Lily, Croton, Grape Ivy etc.

Do not forget to place a Tulsi or Basil plant at the centre of your garden to create the perfect Indian ambience. Tulsi is the medicinal plant with spiritual vibes and will bring a positive energy at home.

Place low height wooden stools in your garden if there is enough space or you may just place some green coloured solid cushions to sit comfortably. 

The backdrop wall should be well decorated with some hanging plants or orchids with flowers. Your garden will look more radiant with those hanging green flora. Add some extra led lights for the evening hours.

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