A new series of K Dramas will be released by Netflix in coming March, 2023
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A new series of K Dramas will be released by Netflix in coming March, 2023

Crash Course in Romance is currently the eighteenth highest-rated cable drama

A new series of K Dramas will be released by Netflix in coming March, 2023

A majority of Netflix subscribers watched Korean movies and television shows last year, demonstrating the growing popularity of K-content around the world. Netflix is launching a wide variety of Korean TV series, movies, and unscripted shows in 2023. From that list a few of them you can watch in the month of March. With the return of the much awaited series The Glory, fans will rejoice this year.

Diary of a Prosecutor (Season 1)

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In March of 2023, Netflix will add yet another fantastic k-drama that it missed out on in 2019. Local district public prosecutor Lee Sun Woong is in charge of Lee Sun Woong's day job. Although he may appear slow and aimless on the outside, he is quite the opposite on the inside. Once a rising star at the Central District Prosecutor's Office, Cha Myung Joo was transferred to a less prestigious branch.

Kill Bok-soon

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Gil Bok Soon, a single mother and one of the world's deadliest assassins, has a perfect record of killing the people she's hired to kill. Bok Soon now works for M.K Ent, owned by Cha Min Kyo, her mentor. The two respect each other, but Gil Bok Soon knows that her life could change in an instant if her partner were to change his mind. Loyalties are tested right before Kill Bok Soon's contract renewal when she is caught up in a kill-or-be-killed situation.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1

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The show is currently the eighteenth highest-rated cable drama in South Korean history. Crash Course in Romance still has time to rise in the ratings with just a few episodes left. When her daughter tries to enroll in a class taught by a famous math teacher, a mother with a big heart must navigate the competitive world of private schooling.

The Glory season 2

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This exciting new Korean drama, which premiered at year's end 2022, will be back for another eight episodes in 2023. One of the most watched Korean dramas on Netflix after All of Us Is Dead, with 189 million hours of viewing time, and an additional eight episodes that could easily push those numbers beyond 300 million.

In high school, Moon Dong Eun had a strong interest in architecture. Despite this, Moon Dong Eun is forced to abandon her education after being the victim of a particularly brutal attack by her tormentors. Later on in life, the bully gets married, has a kid, and sends them to the same elementary school where Moon Dong Eun now works as a homeroom teacher. Moon Don Eun has planned her vengeance against her former tormentors and the bystander students for years, and she finally puts their plans into action.

In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal 

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An eight-part documentary that delves into the shocking events surrounding the so-called "messiahs" of modern Korea.