Life will be incredible if you get the opportunity to live in Sector 20, Noida
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Life will be incredible if you get the opportunity to live in Sector 20, Noida

Sector 20 offers all necessary facilities that you expect in a residential area.

Life will be incredible if you get the opportunity to live in Sector 20, Noida

Noida: The main purpose of urban living is the accessibility of all necessary amenities that fulfill our basic requirements. Living in sector 20, Noida, will definitely prove to be worthy enough as it is full of contemporary lifestyle facilities. We need to get the access of public transport which helps us to reach places conveniently. Sector 20 provides up to the mark transportation facilities for the residents and there are renowned hospitals within your reach which will take care of health hazards at the time of urgent need. Apart from smooth transportation and health facilities there are other essential facilities that you can access here and life will enjoy high standard of living.
It's no wonder that this sector has become so popular due to convenient location and extensive facilities, When you live in Sector 20, you can enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. Transport links make commuting easy, and you can also take advantage of nearby schools, banks, ATMs, and hospitals,  so there is something for everyone. With so much on offer, Sector 20 is an ideal place to call home.

Places in Sector 20 
1-Sector -20 Police Station
2-Noida Power House (UPPCL)

Schools Near sector 20
1-Brahmananda Public School
2-Indian National Public School

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Hospitals near sector 20 
1-Max Hospital is one of the top multi-specialty hospitals, located 
2-opposite Sab Mall and Atta Peer crossing
3-Kailash Hospital is located in B Block, Sector 19 facing Sector-27
4-Indo-Gulu Hospital in Sector 27 Noida
5-Sharma hospital in Sector-19 C Block near the telephone exchange & facing Sector-20

Markets Nearby 
1-Harola Market Atta market,
 2-Indira Market 
3-Sector -18 Market


Malls nearby 
1-DLF Mall of India
2-centre stage Mall
3-Great India Place & Galleria Mall

Metro/Bus Stations
Sector 16 of Blue line of Delhi Metro 
 DM Crossing Telephone Exchange & Sector 10 Crossing

President - RAMPAL BHATI
Vice president - HARISH VERMA 
General Manager - SUDHAKAR TIWARI 

Police Station- Sector-20, Noida
Type    - Residential
Location - DND road & just 2KM from Rajni Gandha Chowk
Allotment - Date - 1980s
Sector nearby - 19, 26, 21, 9 
Pin code - 201301 is the Pin Code of Sector-20, Noida