Jaggery - a sweet and delightful tasty solution for numerous health troubles
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Jaggery - a sweet and delightful tasty solution for numerous health troubles

Jaggery, a healthy ingredient with huge nutritional value helps boost immunity naturally

Jaggery - a sweet and delightful tasty solution for numerous health troubles

Since past so many centuries, Jaggery has been a source of superior taste and good health, it is perhaps an incredibly delicious solution to many health issues and popularly known as Gur in the Indian sub continent. It helps the digestive system very effectively and after meal having a piece of Gur or Jaggery is a part of our food habit. Doctors are asking us to stay away from sugar in order to avoid the health hazards related to chronic and critical illnesses. Surprisingly instead of being a sweetened product, Jaggery has been approved by the experts in place of sugar which has always been an indispensible ingredient of our kitchen. Jaggery is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives and helps boost immunity.

Jaggery is high on calories and contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and essential vitamins. It can control body temperature, enrich the skin, improve digestion and cure joint pain miraculously.

We can discuss some of the health benefits of this popular food sweetener below:

Prevents Respiratory problems

Jaggery can be extremely beneficial for those who all are suffering from respiratory tract problems. If it is consumed with pepper, tulsi, dry ginger or sesame seeds then it will be really beneficial
Helps to lose weight

Jaggery is a complex sugar that takes more time to get  digested  in the stomach and it releases the extracted energy slowly and reduces our appetite. So we can take less food which will help in reducing the body weight.

Controls blood pressure

Jaggery may control both high and low blood pressure as it contains potassium and sodium which are supportive in maintaining blood pressure level.

Source of energy

Jaggery is enriched with carbohydrates which provide gradual energy that stays for a longer time.so if you feel fatigued then consume little amount of jaggery to boost  energy.

Prevents Anemia

This natural sweetener may prevent Anemia as it is enriched with iron and foliate. So it can help fight Anemia and pregnant women must take it on a regular basis.

Menstrual pain reliever 

Jaggery is good source of treating menstrual pains and cramps. It releases endorphins, a happy hormone menstrual pains and other related problems.

A natural body purifier

Jaggery purifies the body if we take it after a meal on a daily basis. This can help removing all harmful particles from the stomach, food pipe and intestines and it improves the hemoglobin level.

Good for Liver

Jaggery is the natural cleanser and it helps to flush out all the toxins from the body. So it it beneficial for our liver. People suffering from any kind liver problem must start eating jiggery.

Cures constipation

Constipation is a common problem that causes many chronic diseases in the long run. Consumption of Jaggery may help to improve the digestive system and thus it can help the bowel movement. Having jaggery with ghee right after your meals will do wonders for your bowel movement. 

Treats cold and cough

Jaggery helps to fight cold, cough and seasonal flu  as it generates natural heat after we consume it. It is also helpful in fighting throat infections.

Reduces joint pain

Jaggery is a good source of calcium and phosphorus and it helps reducing the pain of joints for those who all are suffering from arthritis. It works more effectively when mixed with ginger.

Skin Health 

Jaggery is a natural purifier and improves the level of hemoglobin, so it purifies the skin as well. It helps removing blemishes and pimples and acnes. It removes toxins from the body, so our skin receives a healthy glow.