Healthy eating habits will lead to healthy growth for the teenagers
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Healthy eating habits will lead to healthy growth for the teenagers

Growing children must get into the habit of healthy eating for speedy and ideal growt

Healthy eating habits will lead to healthy growth for the teenagers

Adolescence is the most crucial time for growing children because this is the time when they experience a wholesome physical growth and their brain also gets matured at the utmost level. So good eating habit is very much required for the kids who are in their teen years. Good health brings happiness and peace of mind. During this important period of development children need special attention and care for their holistic growth. They must have more dependence on homemade food rather than outside food. Dairy products, fruits, pulses and green vegetables are must in their diet chart.

There should be three full meal in a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner and children must have little amount of food in between these three meals. According to the National Institute of Nutrition at the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), teenagers require huge amount of calcium, iron and protein for adequate growth depending on their age, stage of growth and gender.

There are various ways to follow a healthy diet plan:

Plan your Breakfast 

We should always give a healthy and energetic start to our day. Breakfast play a vital role in maintain out energy level. This is the most important amongst all meals and children need more vitality for starting a busy day. Children must have a proper their breakfast before going to school and that must include bread butter, milk with cereals or else a glass of banana smoothies.

Include dairy products

Milk contains all necessary vitamins and calcium which are inevitable for the teenagers. they need to drink at least two glasses of milk every day. In case they don’t like the taste then chocolate powder or  syrup can be added with milk. Paneer, butter, ghee must be included in the diet on a daily basis.

Green Vegetables

Children need to take green vegetables like spinach, beans, cabbage, mustard greens, fenugreek, bethua turmeric leaves, broccoli, etc every day.

Dry fruits 

Dry fruits are important for the healthy growth of children. Intake of dried fruits and nuts such as almonds, groundnuts, dates, figs and roasted chana or chickpeas raisins, date palms and cashew will help increase the hemoglobin level among the children and they will gain some vitality and extra energy.

Perfect lunch 

Teenagers need to have proper lurch with the combination of Rice, daal or pulses, green leafy vegetables, roti and some non vegetarian dishes like fish or egg curry for protein intake. In case they prefer vegetarian food then soya bean curry should be added with the meal for the protein intake.

Fruits and juices    

Fruits play a vital role in body immunity system and over all well being. Fruits keep our body hydrated children can’t drink plenty of water due to various reason they may eat vitamin C enriched citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, grapefruit or lime daily basis  to  fulfill the water deficiency. Banana is full of iron so taking banana everyday will be great for them. Mangoes are also good for their health. These apart they should have juices of watermelon, muskmelons which are a good source of beta carotene. 

Healthy Dinner

A dinner should be the last meal of the day and that must include some healthy items like chapatti, boiled potatoes, daal and healthy vegetable soups like tomato soup, corn soup or   beetroots soups for the children.

Turmeric and Amla Juice for a flawless skin 

Teenage is the period when children face lots of hormonal changes inside the body and they face skin problems like, eruptions, patches, pimples and acnes. So turmeric juice or amla juice must be included in the diet twice in a week for the children.