Your baby will glow in radiance with some wonderful skin care routine
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Your baby will glow in radiance with some wonderful skin care routine

Remember that baby's immunity is still developing, so, it's important to maintain hygiene

Your baby will glow in radiance with some wonderful skin care routine

You must have felt blessed when you took your little one in your arms for the first time ever. The ecstasy and joy can never be explained in sheer words when you become a parent. Mothers are always more concerned about their newborn’s wellbeing even before the child is born. Keeping the infant healthy and nourished would be the first priority for mothers or even for both the parents.  It is very important to maintain perfect hygiene for the newborn and at the same time your need to take best care of the infant. A newborn’s skin is always most vulnerable to allergic reaction as it is very tender and extremely soft. Parents must be well aware about their child’s skin care process so that everything goes perfect with the little one.

Parents’ bonding with their child is very special, and you have to make sure that your baby gets all the attention that he or she needs. Keep in mind that a baby's skin is very delicate and needs special care; therefore you should take no chances when it comes to skincare. 

Baby Skincare: The Do’s

Clean your baby 

Remember that baby's immunity is still developing, so, it's important to maintain hygiene around them is essential. You only need to bathe your baby once or twice a week for keeping their skin clean. Always wash your hands before touching your newborn because the baby catches an infection very fast. This advice should also be given to guests, especially if your baby is still a young child.

Moisturising after bathing

A newborn's skin is typically dry, particularly on their face as they adjust to life outside the mother's womb. To lessen the chance of over-dryness and prevent discomfort to the baby's eyes, it is imperative to use a gentle baby shampoo. Apply moisturizer all over your newborn's body after bathing him or her to help prevent dryness and flaky skin.

Treating rashes with care

Rashes are very common, and you could observe that they disappear as soon as they occur. Nonetheless, it's important to monitor them to check for any changes, such as itching and redness. If you see rashes resembling acne, bite marks, or any other skin-related problem on your newborn, don't freak out. Keep the area neat and dry, and use a clean cloth to softly wipe the skin dry. If you see any severe or persistent rashes, see your doctor.

Keeping your baby hydrated

Drinking enough water is important for everyone. Water aids in infection prevention and overall thermoregulation. Because it nourishes and cures our organs, it is also crucial for good skin. By keeping hydrated, all bodily toxins are removed, leaving the baby's skin refreshed. Furthermore breastfeeding or bottle feeding your infant as prescribed by your doctor is crucial for the baby to prevent dehydration and for the overall growth of the baby.

Baby Skincare: The Don’ts

Exposure to direct sunlight

In the early hours of the day sun's gentle rays are good for your baby, but it's best to keep them out of harsh sunlight for the first six months as Ultraviolet light weakens their skin and sensitivity. It will be best to apply newborn sunscreen and attempt to use a cover or an umbrella if you go outside.

Products constituting dyes and fragrances

There are many various products available, but not everything is trustworthy. Restrict or stay away from newborn skin care products that are aromatic and chemically colored, especially in the first few months when they may irritate the baby's skin and increase rashes.

Dress them in tight clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothing if possible, especially if your infant has sensitive skin because it can irritate their skin. While you might believe it's a good idea to cover your infants in tight clothing to protect them from the elements and wind, the clothing's close fit can quickly lead to a heat rash from perspiration. Baby clothing should be loose to allow for unrestricted movement.

Shy away from asking for help

It might be intimidating to travel with a developing infant, especially for first-time parents. Joining the network of new parents to get advise and learn from their experiences may seem satisfying. You should not be scared to approach your doctor about any skin issues or stupid questions because every baby's skin is different.