Baby skincare blunder you need to avoid
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Baby skincare blunder you need to avoid

Babies need sunscreen just as much as adults do but choose a chemical-free formula for them

Baby skincare blunder you need to avoid

Skincare products that aren't intended for babies might easily irritate the baby's soft, new skin. Modern parents need to look at the ingredients in baby care products to make sure they are safe for their children's sensitive skin. When it comes to baby baths and skincare products, we must be particularly cautious to avoid chemicals. You also need to choose mild fragrances or fragrance-free items when it comes to babies. Check to see if the fragrance is certified safe. Babies skin is far more vulnerable to infections and irritation than adults, and the harsh chemicals found in many baby products can do more harm to their skin than we realize.

When you get too close to bleach, it can irritate your eyes, make your vision blurry, burn your throat, cause chemical burns, and make it hard to breathe. As a highly reactive substance, it can also cause big problems when mixed with the wrong chemicals. Even clothes that have been washed in bleach can make people with sensitive skin break out.

Sodium lauryl sulfate
Sulfates are great at getting oil and dirt off of a wide range of surfaces. They are often added to bath and cleaning products to make them foam more. SLS, on the other hand, can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs. It's also hard on skin that's sensitive or has eczema, especially in large amounts. Thus, it is important to keep SLS free skincare products for your baby.

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Personal care products contain parabens, which are used to increase their shelf lives. Exposure of infants to parabens has also been linked to long-term weight problems during childhood. These problems can range from mild skin irritation to major problems with reproductive organs and fertility. UV exposure has the potential to cause skin cancer due to the level of cellular damage caused.

Artificial fragrance
Artificial fragrances are much cheaper than those that come from plants. Substances like benzene derivatives are often made from byproducts of oil. It's no surprise that scented products are appealing, but most of them contain aldehydes, which can cause allergies and cancer, so the best baby wash or moisturizer should be scent-free. If fragrance is in your care products, you might not know what ingredients are in them.

Chemical based sunscreen
Babies need sunscreen just as much as adults do, but for them, you should choose a chemical-free formulation. The use of zinc oxide-based physical sunscreen is recommended. Chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone, and so on should be avoided because they can be absorbed through the skin and mess with a child's hormones as they develop.


Asbestos can be found as an impurity in many talcs and for this reason, it is preferable to either avoid using talc altogether or to use talc-free powder. Choose organic powders like corn starch instead of talc-containing such harmful chemical.