Winter skincare tips for men
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Winter skincare tips for men

Irrespective of the weather, sunscreen is a must in your skincare routine

Winter skincare tips for men

When it comes to self-care, we all know that most boys are not very keen about it. Winters are really harsh on our skin and require really good care. With the proper skin care, you and your skin can sustain in the winter season.

In winter, our skin feels itchy, dry and rough. To protect the skin from the winter disaster, we need to follow a disciplined routine to take proper care of our skin. Here's how men can take care of their skin in winters-

Wash and clean

The mantra for winter skin care is to clean your skin properly and regularly. Winter means you would not like to get out of your warm clothes but bathing and cleaning yourself is very necessary. You don't have to use hot water or be harsh on your skin. Use lukewarm water and gently clean your skin with shower gels which do not absorb moisture from the skin.

Hydrate and moisturize

After the cleaning routine, follow it with moisturizing your skin. Apply some good moisturizer on your face and body and hydrate it properly which lasts for long hours. Carry the moisturise and lip balm, as long hours in front of heaters can suck the moisture from your skin. Drink water timely to keep your skin hydrated in winter.

Oiling your hair

You may be thinking of skipping washing your hair in the chilly mornings, but it can cause irritation and dandruff on your scalp. You should oil your scalp at regular intervals and wash it. These will save you from dandruff, dry scalp and roughness. Condition your hair after washing to make it smooth.

How you smell

Skipping showers is a regular thing in winters. No sweat means no odour, but using sweaters and woolen clothes regularly can be a home to bacteria which can make you smell bad. Apply perfumes and deodorants and feel fresh the entire day.

Sunscreen is a must

Irrespective of the weather, sunscreen is a must in your skincare routine. You may think that in winter, when there is no exposure to the sun, there is no need for sunscreen. However, that is not the case. Ultra-violet rays can penetrate the clouds and your skin. Not only the sun, but also the rays of computers or other devices can be really harmful.