Signs that your skincare needs to change
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Signs that your skincare needs to change

You skin's requirements change with weather

Signs that your skincare needs to change

Taking care of your skin, especially when the weather changes is very important. While you may like consistency in your skincare, not everything will work for your skin all the time. Thus, it is important to keep experimenting and changing your skincare routine time to time. Weather, pollution and even water can affect your skin's demands. These may explain why your long-term skin products no longer work. Here are some signs that your skincare is demanding a little modification-

Roughen and breakouts

It can be because of the use of chemicals in skin care products that you get tiny red bumps or feel like your skin is flaking. You might not know that some facewashes and moisturizers contain ingredients that weaken the skin's natural barrier. You should identify which products are causing the breakout and avoid using them.

Differences in skin type

Your skin can occasionally swing from being oilier to being dryer or vice versa. Dehydration may be one factor contributing to the oilier skin on your face. To make up for the loss of moisture, our skin produces oil. If you notice that your skin is feeling oilier than usual, it could be because a new product has been introduced or an old one has been discontinued from your skincare.

Climate change

Using the same items for winter as you did for summer is something you should avoid. You skin's requirements change with weather. A thicker moisturizer is required in the winter, while a light, water-based moisturizer is required in the summer.

Personal grooming

Another possible cause of acne on your skin is not washing your hands frequently and touching your face with them. Keep your hands clean to maintain clear skin because dirt on your fingertips can lead to breakouts. For clear skin, maintaining personal hygiene and care is necessary.

Masks to use to help your skin:

Honey and muesli exfoliant

14 cups of honey, 12 tablespoons of brown sugar, 14 cups of milk, and 12 cups of cooked muesli are the ingredients for a fantastic solution for dull, dry skin. Mix these ingredients until they form a thick, gritty paste, then rub it on your face to achieve soft skin.

Papaya mask

Mix one-half cup of mashed ripe papaya, one tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of fresh milk. Apply the paste to your face and neck, then wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry. After rinsing with lukewarm water, apply serum and moisturizer to the face.

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